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Squash: Latest results from Gibraltar's squash leagues

Latest results and league standings from the Stella Artois 2006/7 A & B Leagues

Included below are all the team members for all the teams in all leagues.

The strength of Gibraltar's squash continues to grow as can be seen from the many people who are actively taking part in the sport.

Archived image: some of Gibraltar's squash players at the European Squash Championships, held between 26-29 April 2006, in Austria.

Stella Artois League 2006 / 2007

A'League Matches Points
Position Team played Won Ddt Total
1 Team 101 6 51 0 51
2 Toyota 6 50 0 50
3 Mercedes Benz 6 48 0 48
4 Andrews, Kent & Stone 6 47 0 47
5 Norwich & Peterborough 6 47 0 47
6 Eastgate 6 45 0 45
7 O.E.M. 6 45 0 45
8 Gala Casino 6 34 0 34

B League Matches Points
Position Team played Won Ddt Total
1 Police 2 15 0 15
2 Energizer 2 13 0 13
3 Juniors 2 2 10 0 10
4 Juniors 1 2 9 0 9
5 Sharrock Shands 2 9 0 9
6 AMA Services 2 9 0 9


Martin Lawrence Christian Navas
Glen Pearce
Lester Chipol
Jonny Bautista Johan Valverde
Julian Teuma
Jimmy Attias
Steve Crump
Louis Posso
Jonathon Zammit A. Federico

Julio Peire

Norwich and Peterborough
Anthony Brindle Malcolm Head
Louis Montegriffo Fidelio Bonfante
Gino De Haro
Francis Vinales
Barry Brindle
Paul Bossano
Graham Olivero Bill McCubbin
Yari Olivero

Stuart Lambie

Stefan Federico

Steven Shaccaluga Mark Tewkesbury
Colin Davies
Victor Camilleri
Brendan Roche Joe Duo
Charles Bottaro Charles Anes
Ian Collinson
Gail Attias
Derek Tilbury
Carol Gomez

Tim Sheetfield
Gala Casino
Carl Gomez
Nick De Haro
Danny Fabre
Justin Chipolina
Darren Torres
Danny Llamas
Ivan Vinales
Charles Savignon
MaryAnn Durell Hamish Risso
Stefan Montegriffo

Loren Harrison

Jovan Santos

Juniors 1
Juniors 2
Stefan Federico Jovan Santos
Sean Gomez
Nick Ellul
Karina Tewkesbury Gareth Gomez
Alejandro Vasquez Jerina Pitaluga

Sharrock Shands
Ivan Vinales
Pat Neary
Manolo Martinez Mark Ablitt
Callum Bruce
Andy Gee
Adam Bautista Martin Stevens

Gary Court
AMA Services
Adrian Avellano Jan Buhle
Simon Vaughan Ernest Pallas
Dave Jessop
Christian Wahnon
Nichola M.
John Davies
Andy Sowerby Stuart Lambie

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