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Marathon Kayaker: Gibraltar shows its real spirit of generosity towards a truly noble cause.

From Werner Stoltz' support team:

As some of you might have already read in Werner’s latest journal entry, he recently had the pleasure and privilege of making a new friend in Gib. One evening, whilst dining with a friend (actually his yacht-landlord) at a local restaurant, they met with the owner. André was very keen to hear Werner’s story and every detail about the K4A expedition. At the end of the evening André had offered to sponsor Werner with a satellite phone – some of you will know how elusive this item sponsorship has been, and how we as a support team has felt that it has become an absolute must have for this next leg of the expedition – together with some $700 of air time! Needless to say, Werner was over the moon! However, this is not where the evening ended. André himself has participated in adventure expeditions in an earlier part of his life, and offered to sponsor the manual desalinator as well. This is one expensive piece of equipment and shows André’s appreciation of the value and essential nature of the support equipment. We as a support team are equally appreciative of this contribution!

This as far as equipment goes, but showing his true heart, André committed to a substantial financial contribution when Werner successfully arrives in Durban, South Africa, in aid of the shelter. Until Werner is on the water again, and we trust all the preparations of the last two months will come together in the next two weeks, Werner is having his meals at Andre’s restaurant!

From all of Werner’s supporters, sponsors, volunteers, fans, friends and family, thank you for your involvement André!

Werner is on a marathon kayak from London to Durban (South Africa) in aid of HIV/Aids. HE has already Kayaked from London to Gibraltar. Below is what is to come:

Dates and Distances
(Note that dates will change as I can never predict what the weather and sea will do…)
•1 Feb 2007
Weather permitting I will leave Gib to cross over to for the second time. I hope to paddle the North Moroccan coast in 10 – 15 days before I reach the Algerian Border.
•Mid Feb
Enter Algeria. Algeria should take me roughly 5 weeks to complete. Distance - 1080 km.
•Mid March
Enter Tunisia. The distance is 920 km and my target is 4 weeks.
•Mid April
This will be the tough one; Libya...The problem here is that there are only 4 marina’s on the 1400 km desert coast and the outrigger should come in handy here. I hope to finish Libya in 7 weeks.
•Early June
Enter Egypt. Egypt will be very tough and warm with only 5 marinas. It is 1800 km in total and I will take a 2 week rest break before continuing from Cairo, as after Cairo it is mostly desert all the way to Djibouti. Total time in Egypt - 11 weeks. (9+2wks)
Once in Egypt I will also have to apply for the next batch of visas namely the Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Tanzania. I do not need visas for Kenya and Mozambique.
•Feb 2008
I hope to be back in Durban

Visit Werner's website to read abou this quest and to make a donation.

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