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Island Games 2007: Greek island of Rhodes prepares to welcome Gibraltar's 2007 competitors

Rhodes will host the NatWest Island Games XII from June 30 to July 6, 2007. Work has begun and is progressing at a rapid pace in preparation for the Games. In the past, Rhodes has successfully organised many world and international sports events, but this will be the largest in part due to the staging of fourteen different sports simultaneously.

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And the MASCOT of the NatWest Island Games XII Rhodes 2007 is……….

“RHODELIOS”!!! “Rhodelios” is a little deer. It was chosen as a mascot because of the deer “Platoni”, a species of deer that lives in the woods of Rhodes. Its scientific name is Dama Dama and Rhodes is hosting one of the few wild indigenous populations. Therefore, it became one of the symbols of Rhodes. It is presented in the entrance of Rhodes harbor, one of the most known spots of the island.

The design of the mascot was made by the young artist Nikos Spartalis and the name Rhodelios was proposed by pupils from a 6th Grade Primary School, after a contest that was organised by the Organising Committee Rhodes 2007, including all Primary schools of Rhodes!

“RHODELIOS” comes from the words RHODES and ELIOS (which means sun). This name refers to RHODES the Host Island of the NatWest Island Games XII Rhodes 2007 and the SUN which is also a symbol of the Island, due to the fact that the sun is shining 340 days a year!

“RHODELIOS” our mascot invites you to come to Rhodes and experience the NatWest Island Games XII Rhodes 2007 where 2700 athletes from 25 Islands world wide will compete in 14 different sports!!!!!

The following sports will be included in this year's competition:

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SPORT (click for more info)
Short Description
Archery, a relatively new sport in Rhodes, is developing rapidly, all due to Rhodes participation in the NatWest Island Games.
Rhodes has a long history in track and field, with many of its athletes participating in World and European Championships, as well as in the Olympic Games.
This is a very popular sport amongst the youth of the Island, with many fans.
A popular sport with a storied past. NatWest Island Games will host the four disciplines: Time Trial, Road Race, Mountain Bike, and Town Centre Criterium.
Football is very popular in both Greece and Rhodes, and the Island has many teams each with a dedicated following.
The competition will be staged at the Afandou Golf Course, a beautiful location set adjacent to the sea and amongst the olive groves.
Judo a popular sport in Rhodes, will be held in the brand new "Pythagoras Indoor Hall".
Sailing is very popular in Rhodes, being an island with and abundance of sun, sea and strong winds. NatWest Island Games will host the Laser and Windsurfing disciplines.
Hunting has always been a very popular pastime in Rhodes, and lately competition shooting has also become popular. NatWest Island Games will host the three disciplines, Clay Target, Pistols and Air Guns.
A popular sport amongst all ages, we take particular pride in our swimming pool, a unique location set in the town centre adjacent to the sea.
Table Tennis
A sport with a long history, it has recently been revived, in part due to participation in the NatWest Island Games.
A popular sport in Rhodes, which in the past has developed national and international calibre players.
A perfect location for Triathlons, with and abundance of sea, sun, and picturesque locations.
A popular sport with a long history, NatWest Island Games will host both Indoor Volleyball and Beach Volley.

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