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Football: Panorama also informs its readers that, Gibraltar must continue to fight for its rightful place in European football

The Spanish football federation say that they voted against Gibraltar because it is not a nation. If that is the real reason why they, and others, voted against the Rock, then they acted wrongly and illegally.

This is because the requirement that nations only can bid for membership does not apply in the case of Gibraltar, as ruled by the European court of arbitration for sport. Thus, to vote against us for this reason is to act wrongly.

Everyone knows, and so should they, that Gibraltar's application preceded the decision taken by UEFA to try and avoid Gibraltar from qualifying. But the court ruling was that this change in the rules did not apply to Gibraltar.

Anyway, places like Scotland and Wales, which are British but not independent states, are full members of UEFA. Likewise, Gibraltar is perfectly entitled to be allowed into UEFA.

What is really behind the childish Spanish attitude is the official Spanish campaign to take over Gibraltar. It is a political campaign because when the court of arbitration voted in our favour, the Spanish came out saying that they would campaign and lobby to keep Gibraltar out.

When the decision became known on Friday at the UEFA congress, the Spanish government came out saluting the decision.

And the Spanish football federation took pleasure in saying that Gibraltar's dream had crashed.

Did they gloat about it for the love of football?

They have also mentioned the Treaty of Utrecht of 1713. But what has this treaty to do with international football?

Utrecht, anyway, made Gibraltar British forever. Spain can claim what they like, but it is a claim which founders on the rocks of Gibraltar - and they know it.

Hence there are no valid reasons to adopt such a harsh decision against the footballers of Gibraltar and the Gibraltar football association, it being one of the ten oldest football associations in the world, it being entitled and enthusiastic about the game of football and it having complied with all the legal rules in the book.

Clearly, the door remains open to take further appropriate action, and to keep on fighting, until Gibraltar's rightful place in European football is recognised.

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