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Football: The UEFA Executive's reluctance to accept Gibraltar despite CAS ruling may be down to discontent with the CAS' power over UEFA

UEFA Chief Executive Lars-Christer Olsson has expressed the hope that 2007 will see UEFA receive its “legal certainty” instead of decision being made through the courts.

In an interview with the UEFA magazine Olsson commented that "In the second half of 2007, when the Portuguese government has the presidency of the European Union, I would like to see an agreement between European football and the EU.” Adding that. "This would mean that we would get legal certainty, and it is no longer the courts that are deciding the future of football, but the football governing bodies."

His comments comes as UEFA has been dealt several major blows in recent years, amongst which has been the decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport to rule in favour of Gibraltar’s provisional application into UEFA, forcing the Executive Committee to change its decision to exclude Gibraltar, and now leaving it to the UEFA Congress to decide on the permanent status of Gibraltar within UEFA.

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