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Snooker/Billiards/Pool: All set for 2007

GBSA Team Snooker League – 2006 / 2007
After the traditional Christmas and New Year break all is set for the rest of the season.

As the table shows Manchester United are not the only team with a large advantage in their league! look almost uncatchable, but there are still 13 games to go!
The Cue Ball, with their game in hand, look the best bet; however St Bernard’s Heineken are always a force to be reckoned with.

The Mediterranean Rowing Club lead the chasing pack with Team Queensway just behind.
Fraternal rivalry at the top of town is fuelled by the ‘A’ team’s 4 points last round. The next game between these two (24th January) should be a battle worth the watching.

The Services Police will do better with all of their players turning out for them, so all in all it promises to be an even better second ‘two-thirds’ of the season.
The committee wishes all the teams and each and every player the very best for the new year and plenty of fun snooker.

League Standings 10th January:

Team P W FF FA Pts
1 8 8 33 7 41
2 St Bernards 8 4 24 16 28
3 Cue Ball 7 5 22 13 27
4 Mediterranean Rowing 7 4 20 15 24
5 Team Queensway 8 3 20 20 23
6 Astoria Too 8 4 18 22 22
7 Astoria A 8 3 15 25 18
8 Gibraltar Service Police 8 0 3 37 3

Fixtures for Wednesday 10th January Round 9.
This Wednesday is the first snooker night of the new year, welcome back everybody and a prosperous snooker year to you all.
The Cue Ball welcomes to their ‘home’ venue on Devils Tower Road.

Team Queensway and the Astoria Too play at a neutral venue in the ‘snook’?The Mediterranean Rowing Club plays host to St Bernard’s Heineken down in the harbour.
Finally the Astoria A team is at home to the Gibraltar Service Police up on Flat Bastion Road.

Spectators are welcome at all games. Anyone interested please just turn up at any of the four venues and ask at the bar for information. Remember as a snooker fan you will be a guest of the home club and will be expected to behave accordingly.
European Team tournament 2007

All players are advised that this tournament takes place in Ghent (Belgium) from Saturday the 24th February to Friday 2nd March.

There is a three man ‘men’s’ event; a two ladies ‘women’s’ event and a two man veterans (over 40) event.

Selection to represent Gibraltar will be based on residence regulations, ranking position and availability.

Any qualified referee who wishes to offer their services please contact Eddie Newton immediately.If we do go ahead and send a representative team then captains please note that fixtures for the 28th February will be played on the 21st February.

The Highest Break
Yewhung Chin’s 40 in the league is still the highest break of the season, in all competitions.

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