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Darts: Gibraltar's annual Turkey Shoot and the forthcoming Pro Darts Player Competitions

This last festive competition always marks the end of the 1st part of the GDA season and the start of the Xmas break.

Turkeys all around for the winners & Oh Boy what Turkeys.

No expenses spared for the hungry bunch that attended this year’s festive Xmas event.

This competition traditionally played in a blind pairs format (pair selection drawn at random; so its luck of the draw) makes it both interesting and anybody’s game, which bides well with the cheerful nature of the event.

Amongst several strong pairs drawn out where youth Nigel Segui & Dylan Duo - finalists, youth Christopher Remorino & Justin Broton –semis and an impressive Nicholas Cumbo & Justin Stagno – semis.

A very healthy participation despite of Christmas parties and work do’s, so it was a result for the GDA.

This competition started in the late 1980’s during a UK outing of darts practice when at the World Championships the Gibraltar selection strolled into a local pub in London (Earls Court) and played a Turkey Shoot competition. The tournament was brought over by local player, Horacio Bossano, and has been established here ever since.

Congratulations to the winners on the night Henry Zapata & Johnny Remorino (above left).

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