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Rhythmic Gymnastics: Gibraltar's association continues to flourish and looks positively to the future

The Gibraltar Rhythmic Gymnastics Association recently published a website for their sport. The site enables readers to catch up on all the latest rhythmic gymnastic events that Gibraltar's youngsters take part in.

There is a good selection of images to view as well as some background information about the founding of the sport as well as the organisational structure.

Richard Bear, the President of GRGA, has worked and continues to do so tirelessly in his efforts to promote the sport both here and in nearby Spain. His efforts have certainly not been in vain as can be seen by the great following which the sport has.

The site is testimony to the success of the sport in Gibraltar and its aspirations to continue to be one of the most partcipative sports for girls on The Rock.


The Gibraltar Rhythmic Gymnastics Association (GRGA) was formally constituted in 1996, and aims to promote Rhythmic Gymnastics for girls, starting as young as four years old.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Olympic sport that combines flexibility, elegance of movement and the co-ordination of apparatus (Ball, Rope, Hoop, Clubs and Ribbon) in various routines.
The popularity of the sport has grown tremendously in Gibraltar and is considered one of our strongest sports.

The GRGA continues to nurture the growth and development of the sport through it’s enthusiastic committee and dedicated coaches as well as by maintaining relations with the British Gymnastics Association and out Spanish colleagues.

The GRGA has been very successful in the last few years, and we have been promoted to the Andalucia “A” level of competition, giving us high standing in the region and allowing us to compete in important competitions throughout Spain.

The GRGA school of excellence is run by a National Coach, two club coaches and two assistant coaches (all qualified by British Gymnastics). The gymnasts are divided by age group and ability and depending on their potential may be moved into alternative groups. The GRGA places great emphasis on the importance of fitness and movement in our youth, and achieves this in a safe, fun environment that gently nurtures competitive sport.

Click here to view some great shots.

If you are interested in joining please contact the GRGA through the following details:

E-mail: Gibraltar Rhythmic Gymnastics Association

Postal address:
18 Gardiner’s View
Gardiner’s Road

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