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Hockey: GHC 1951 v Collegians do battle

The Gibraltar Hockey Association's first division, which comprises of three teams: GHC 1951, Collegians and Eagles is currently in its first round of four.

The most recent match we are able to report on was the game between Collegians and GHC 1951.

Collegian’s new player Jason McAuliffe made an impressive start to his arrival on the Gibraltar hockey scene, with impressive powerful running testing GHC 1951's defence. His most significant charge was on the 15th minute, when he burst through, only to be denied by GHC’s goalkeeper, Keith Blackshaw, McAuliffe, however profited from a defender’s error and managed to commit the keeper, who managed to make an initial save but was denied preventing McAuliffe from scoring of the parry.

The score on 1-0, GHC managed to regain control of the game through the determined Eric Abudharam, who forced the Collegians keeper, Gerald Wood, to make a number of saves. This spate of pressure, however, provided little for the GHC 1951 score line as the score remained at 1-0.

Collegians were able to increase their lead through a fantastic goal from Tyrone Whiteland, who has played top level hockey in South Africa, dribbled his way through the GHC 1951 to score from a reverse hit in the GHC goal.

On the stroke of halftime came a goal from GHC’s Trevor Coitino, a deserved reward for GHC’s continued pressure on Gerald Wood’s goal, who despite conceding a goal tendered with admirable skill.

The initial, dominance of Collegians was not replicated in the second half, as GHC 1951 dominated the second half. So much so that the Collegians' attacker rarely got a sniff of the ball, with the defenders attempting to contain an onslaught of GHC attacks. The continue pressure, on the Collegian,s defence, resulted in two penalty corners being conceded, which were converted, providing GHC with a well deserved 3-2 win.


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