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Boxing: Jamie Kaylor's return on the boxing scene

Jamie Kaylor, one of Gibraltar’s most promising youngsters has decided to pick up his gloves again and give his boxing career another go. His last fight was about 4-5 years ago and remains unbeaten except for one fight, where his opponent had previously been of a considerably higher ranking than Jamie had been informed of, thus making the contest a complete mismatch.

Jamie’s 14 wins and one defeat has given him the encouragement necessary for him to feel ready for his next opponent, who is a fighter from Kent and who has a record of 5 fights of which 3 were wins.

The fight will be one of ten amateur fights being held in the Royal National Hotel in Russell Square, London.

Jamie moved to Watford, London a few years ago and has been keen to get back in to boxing. In a pre-match interview with SportGibraltar, Jamie stated:

“I am well up for the fight on Friday, and keen to knock my opponent out quickly. I will be wearing my red and white shorts and celebrating my win with my Gibraltarian flag”

Jamie is very proud of his Gibraltarian connection, where he learnt how to box and fought most of his 15 bouts. I am sure you will all join SportGibraltar in wishing him the best of luck, on Friday.

A full match report with images and video will be published soon after the match.


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