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Hockey: Nathan Stagno to umpire in Commonwealth Games

Nathan Stagno, Gibraltar's international hockey umpire is to represent Gibraltar at one of the most significant hockey tournaments in the world, The Commonwealth Games. He will be refereeing games against the elite hockey nations of, India, Pakistan Australia, England Malaysia etc.

Nathan continues to be heavily involved in local umpiring. In Melbourne Nathan will be amongst 12 grade one, FIH International Hockey Federation umpires.

The favourites for the competition will be Australia, however India, Pakistan and Malaysia will surely give the Kookaburras a good run for their money.

Nathan stated:

"International hockey at that level is a different culture and we umpires can only do our best. Already I am known by some of the nations. Ideally I hope to have a good tournament where I will be under constant assessment - hopefully I can make it onto the Olympic list".
Nathan umpired in the 2005 Junior Mens World Cup held in Rotterdam, Holland. One of his matches was not without controversy..... Click here: to read more about the controversial match between India and Spain.
"The umpire must have been fickle-minded and succumbed to the pressure tactics adopted by the Spaniards," he said, referring to Nathan's decision to first award a goal and then disallow it"
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