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Football: Testimonial for Comissioner of Police Joe Ullger

The Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) Football Club recently held a testimonial football match for the retiring Commissioner of Police Joe Ullger.

The Testimonial Match took place on Thursday 2nd March 2006 at the Devil’s Tower Camp.
Joe Ullger represented the RGP in football for a number of years, and officers past and present wanted to hold a match as testimony for his contribution to football within the RGP.
A total of 28 officers were split into two teams. The match was played in very good spirits, worthy of the occasion and ended with a fair result of 4-4.

All players and invited guests were then hosted by the RGP Football Club, to a party at the IPA Club where the Team Manager, Sergeant George Field, presented Joe Ullger with a footballer statuette.

Present at this party were Pepe Morello, retired Commissioner and other football retired officers.
From Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) Press Releases - 06 March 2006
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