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Football: City firemen win Gold again for Gibraltar

Gibraltar has won the Gold Medal in football at the World Firefighter Games in Hong Kong.

The City Fire Brigade football team successfully defended their title as champions in the 6-A Side Soccer category of the 9th World Firefighter Games, which have taken place between the 18th – 25th February.

The City Fire Brigade team beat the Venezuelan team by 2 goals to none, to take the Gold award in the finals, which were played on the 24th February.

The full squad for Soccer were George Burns, Ivan De Haro, Christian Desoiza, Kevagn Estella, Lee Ferrary, Dino Navarro, Nicholas Poggio, Colin Ramirez, Alfred Rovegno and Goal-Keepers Jason Mesilio and Ian ViƱales.

The winning Goals were taken by Ivan De Haro and Colin Ramirez. The Silver Medal was therefore awarded to Venezuela and Bronze to the Hong Kong (New Territories) Fire Service.

Over twenty-three teams participated in the 6-A Side Tournament, 13 of which were from different parts of China.

The Gibraltar squad was made up of 13 Firefighters that also participated in two other events. Jared Olivero came 5th in the Indoor Rowing 2 Km event whilst in Athletics, Warren Vassallo managed a credible 7th in the 10,000 metres race.

The City Fire Brigade team returned to Gibraltar on 27th February.

From The Gibraltar Chronicle - The Independent Daily First Published 1801

World Firefighter Games

Every two years firefighters from around the world gather to participate in sporting events and events that are specific to the firefighting occupation such as Hose Laying, High Angle Rescue, and the Toughest Firefighter Alive competition.

Participants must be either a full-time or volunteer firefighter, or be a part of an Emergency Rescue Services team, or Rescue Specialty team.

The 2000 games were held in Mantes-en-Yvelines, France. Brisbane Australia was scheduled to host the 2002 Firefighters World Games but cancelled. The games were moved and held in Christchurch, New Zealand. Hong Kong has hosted the World Firefighters Games in February, 2006. Source:

In 2004 the Brigade competed successfully in two events and took a Gold and Silver Medal at the 8th World Firefighter Games which took place in Sheffield, England from 28 August to 4 September of 2004. The Soccer 6 Aside team won the Gold medal by reaching the finals and beating a French side. In the Swimming Open Water event 35-39 years category Jason Mesilio narrowly missed the first place by less than one second to achieve creditable Silver medal. (2004 Winning team pictured above).

Well done to Gibraltar's firemen, who make Gibraltar proud.

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