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Touch rugby: Match report London Gib V 3kg Legends

Article by Damian Kerr (pictured)

London Gibraltar stunned their critics and confused spectators by reaching the end of a game for the first time in their short history. Gibraltar lost five-one to 3kg Legends, stretching their unbroken record to three defeats in three – only two of which they bothered to turn up for, and only one of which lasted until the final whistle.

However, an overhauled Gibraltarean side showed the beginnings of an understanding of touch rugby, and towards the end of the second half seemed close to grasping many of the game’s rules.

A series of handling errors initially put the team on the back foot, and the Gibs sucumbed to a flurry of early tries. However, early in the second half a looping pass from Robert Azopardi was caught by Philip Valarino who sprinted the length of the field to touch down, before revealing the contents of last nights kebab, all over the goalposts of the adjoining football pitch.

A man down, London Gibraltar found themselves under the cosh again, and began leaking tries. However, at the final whistle spirits were high – a full game had finally been played, a try had been scored, it hadn’t rained, and pies were only two pounds in Shepherd’s Bush Walkabout.

A feisty performance by the inexperienced players is giving signals that things can only get better, after all they can't get any worse, having lost three on the trot.

Article by London Gibraltar's correspondent, Damian Kerr

Full credit must be given to Tommy Norton, whose last experience with a rugby ball was when Wham were in the charts. It is also significant to point out that three of London Gibraltar's players travelled the length of the country to make it to the game: Mark Lafferty having come from watching Jack Johnson's lighter swaying vigil, the night before, in Nottignham. Nick Navas from St Albans, with our camera woman/drinks lady/cheerleader etc etc. Philip Valarino had staggered his way up from Brighton, well worth it in the end as can be seen from his ability to still drink a cold Victoria Bitter, in the Walkie.

(Phil explains the finer points of the miss pass to Mark) pictured right ---->

We look forward to next week's match against the mighty Flying Foxes at 12:40, who are currently joint second. (meet at Putney Bridge tube station at 11:45 or quarter to 12.

Anyone interested in playing should email: Everyone is welcome!!!!

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