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GABBA progress in Cadiz league


There has been much contorversy over the participation of Gibraltar's Basketball Association GABBA, in the Andalucian league.

We have heard arguments from the opposition and the minister for sport, Clive Beltran as to whether they should have actually opted to partake in a Spanish league.

It is quite apparent that the never ending mix of Gibraltar sport with politics was inescapabable. It is however, admirable that the president of GABBA, John Goncalves, stood his ground and went ahead with including Gibraltar in the Cadiz league, stating "La política y el deporte no se mezclan y si lo mezclamos no ganaremos nada". The reasoning behind this decision being that the level of Gibraltar's basketball was not going to improve, without the necessary level of competition required, week in week out. This would subsequently raise the bar for our more talented players.

The issue has not been without its critics, to the extent that the Panorama featured an article stating that: "The apparent head of basketball in Gibraltar prepared to be integrated in a Spanish league as if Gibraltar was a Spanish team. What a carry on!". Luckily enough the perseverence of Mr Goncalves has paid of and Gibraltar is now actively involved in the Cadiz league, which offers our players a more competitive playing arena.

Mr Goncalves quite simply states that GABBA's participation in the Spanish league is equal to " 'ciudades-Estado' a jugar en las ligas de otros países más grandes: San Marino, en Italia, Andorra, en España y Mónaco, en Francia".

Mr Goncalves went on to add that:
"Even from the perspective of the most intransigent advocate of self-determination GABBA Foster’s participation in the Spanish league is probably one of the few instances of Spain recognising Gibraltar’s EU status since all local players have been registered as EU Community Members anyway". Read the article taken from the Gibraltar Chronicle.

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Check the progress of GABBA in the Cadiz league.....


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