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Snooker/Billiards/Pool : GBSA Team League round 7 and Famous Grouse Open Final

With only one more snooker-playing week before Christmas we reach the new one third part of the league season.

The Astoria Too arrived in style taking all six points off the Gibraltar Service Police and jumping up to sixth in the league. The Cue Ball did it with a four frames to one win over Team Queensway, getting them up into second place. The Mediterranean Rowing Club also won four frames to one against the Astoria A team and keep fourth spot. While the leaders, just managed to beat St Bernard’s Heineken by three frames to two on a black ball, despite Harry Ward’s fantastic efforts. Well played Harry!

Up the top of town on Flat Bastion Road, or the top of Morello’s Ramp, for the younger climbers, the Astoria Too beat another depleted GSP team.Antonio Cavilla, once again his team’s man-of-the-match, beat Chris Durante 65-25 and Eddie Bear won against Alfred Becerra, the GSP’s star man, by just 51-48; a very close-fought, black-ball decider.Dougie Cooper then beat Ivan Viñales 58-22 and with the remaining two GSP players not turning up, despite a long wait, unfortunately Alfred Becerra had to concede the last two frames.

However it is still six points to the Astoria Too guys.

Down in the ‘snook’, in Jumper’s Bastion, Team Queensway came up against a determined Cue Ball team.

Merv Padmore kept pace with Dylan Alvez through the reds, only for Dylan to run away to win on the colours, 41-15. Kevin Dalli was well beaten by Ernest Clinton 61-38 and Nicky Correa by, the Cue Ball’s man-of-the-match, Chris Shimidzu 74-36. Tom Rooney made a great frame winning come-back against Ian McIntosh; but Tom missed the black and Ian didn’t 59-47 to Ian. Team Queensway’s star man, Peter de la Rosa restored a little pride beating Jonathan Collado, 63-19; with a few well-timed and well-taken breaks in the twenties. Five points and second in the league for the Cue Ball!

Meanwhile, down in the harbour, the Mediterranean Rowing Club only just missed maximum points, beating the Astoria A team, but not Keith Correa, four frames to one.Wilfred Smart, among the newly-retired set, beat Elio Monteverde 41-31, in a very close-fought battle.

The Med’s man-of-the-match, Nicky Gonzalez, won against Errol Bolaños 60-20 and Peter Valarino, the Med’s Captain, beat Pepe Santos 59-19. The Astoria’s star man, Keith Correa saved his team’s blushes by beating Dion Mansfield 45-19 and eventually Peter Buttigieg junior beat Adrian Navarro 59-26.

A good five points for the Med.

Up there on Devils Tower Road, in the Cue Ball entertainment centre, beat just managed to beat challengers St Bernard’s Heineken.Yewhung Chin, the entertainer’s man-of-the-match, beat Adrian Wink 72-8; what can you do against a guy who scores a 40 and a 31 in the one frame? Francis Becerra beat Mukesh Bakhru 64-46. However Laurence Sisarello lost 60-62 to Guy Olivero, in a thrilling ding-dong battle on the black ball and Julian McGrail was beaten 28-56 by Andrew Olivero. At two frames all the fifth frame was in doubt when Adrian Holmes was called away and Sean Galligan had no opponent. However a phone call to Harry Ward and ill or not ‘supersub’ came flying, walking actually, to the rescue. Harry gave Sean a good game, despite his illness, but Sean sneaked a win on the black ball, just 58-54. Four points to the

Even in defeat, Harry Ward impressed every one present and is a model of attitude and positive commitment to all players, young and older. Well done Harry Ward!

League Standings 13th December

2Cue Ball
3St Bernards
4Mediterranean Rowing
5Astoria Too
6Team Queensway
7Astoria A
8Gibraltar Service Police

Fixtures for Wednesday 13th December Round 8
This Wednesday, the last snooker night before Christmas, sees The Astoria Too at home on Flat Bastion Road to and St Bernard’s Heineken welcome the Astoria A to Zoca Flank. The Cue Ball plays the Med on devil’s Tower Road and Team Queensway are against the GSP in Jumpers.

The Highest Break
Yewhung Chin’s 40 in the league is now the highest break of the season, in all competitions.

Famous Grouse Open Singles Snooker Tournament Final
In the last game of the St Bernard’s Famous Grouse Open Singles Snooker Tournament, on Monday last, neither Francis Becerra nor Yewhung Chin wanted to lose.

What promised to be a feast of potting, very quickly became, to the purist’s eye, a magnificent competition between two very good players; both playing very safely.

For 45 minutes the players struggled manfully not to let the other ‘in’ and they succeeded! Neither could pot more than two balls. Just once Yewhung potted four to get 13 points. But Francis couldn’t do that and a dour, difficult frame went to Yewhung 57-33. First blood to Yewhung!

The second frame reversed the procedure and Francis managed to dominate the safety play and come out winner by 55-17, in just 26 minutes. One frame each!

In a tense 35 minutes, Yewhung suddenly remembered what it was all about and started the third with a very commanding 32 and later a 14 to take the frame, 57-18 and the lead two frames to one.

Francis wanted the fourth frame. Yewhung made a 24 but Francis still led by one point after the reds. Yewhung then a 20, taking yellow to pink, to come from behind and take the frame 59-40; giving him a three frames to one lead. Now Yewhung needed just one more and Francis had to take all remaining three frames.

In an even tenser fifth frame Francis held his own and the lead occasionally. But Yewhung took the last red and a yellow, then the yellow and green, to give him a two point lead on the brown ball. A very lucky brown ball, followed by the rest of the colours, piece meal, gave Yewhung the frame, at 59-32 and the match at four frames to one.

Johnnie Duran, the President of the St Bernard’s Catholic Social Club, congratulated all the players who participated in the tournament and the referees for their control of a very entertaining four weeks of snooker. He, especially, thanked the sponsors, Anglo Hispano and congratulated;
Andrew Olivero and Sean Galligan, the semi finalists;
Francis Becerra, the runner-up;
Yewhung Chin the Famous Grouse Champion 2006 in St Bernard’s Club.

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