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Gibraltar's advice sought by Montserrat on the construction of a state of the art sports facility

Brades, Montserrat, The Government of Montserrat is to approach the Gibraltar Government for funding to build a state of the art sports facility.

The request is being made under a Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Gibraltar and the Montserrat Government which was negotiated by the David Brandt administration and later signed by former Chief Minister and now Minister of Education, Health and Community Services Mr. John Osborne in 2001.

Minister David Brandt said:
“I have visited Gibraltar and they showed me a multi purpose sporting facility where you can play basketball, tennis and other sports and the seats can be folded up when you are not using the venue for sports and it could then be used for concerts and other activities. I am going to be discussing with the Premiere of Gibraltar how they could help us build such a similar facility on Montserrat, because he said that they would help us with capital projects and I believe this is a very good one.”

The Government of Montserrat’s decision to restart the Memorandum of Understanding with the Gibraltar Government was taken during a meeting in London last month which was attended by the Honourable Chief Minister Dr. Lowell Lewis, Government backbencher MP David Brandt and Permanent Secretary in the Chief Minister Office Sarita Francis.

Mr. Brandt said:
“This Sports facility is very integral to the development of our young people on Montserrat. I would like to see a home for basketball on Montserrat, I would like to see a facility where you have lockers, I would like to see a facility that when you finish playing you can bathe, I would like to see a facility where there’s a gym in it, there are so many benefits to accrue from it. I know in other islands so many students have gotten scholarships to go to the United States to play basketball and if we have that facility, I am sure that when the basketball scouts come in this area, as they do in Antigua and St. Kitts that some of our young men will be able to better themselves through sports.”

The Memorandum of Understanding outlines the areas the Government of Gibraltar will make free of charge to the Government of Montserrat to help with tourism, information technology, training, housing administration and maintenance, legislation, administration models and technical assistance, and capital projects.

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