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Football: FIFA crush Gibraltar's chances of becoming FIFA members

Gibraltar's World Cup Qualifying aspirations suffered a nasty blow yesterday at the hands of FIFA's Executive Committee. The news came, coincidentally, on the eve of UEFA's Exectuvie Committee , who are today making a decision on Gibraltar's application for provisional membership.

This is clearly a huge blow for Gibraltarian Football, especially at such a crucial stage in their future aspirations. FIFA's website were only able to mention that: "The Executive Committee ruled that Gibraltar does not meet the statutory requirements to become a FIFA member".

We are, as yet, unsure as to why Gibraltar have been denied entry. Surely FIFA and its President Joseph S Blatter have probably been giving Spain assurances of Gibraltar's non-acceptance and therefore been paying lip service to one of his Vice Presidents. Angel Maria Villar, (pictured left with Blatter yesterday) a Spaniard, who is hell bent on ensuring Gibraltar are never accepted as UEFA, let alone FIFA members.

More news to follow on UEFA's decision being made today.

Other news:

The PDP announces policy on disability:
The PDP will strive to ensure that disabled persons have the same opportunities for recreational activities as other citizens. Since this involves the possibility of using restaurants, cinemas, libraries, sports facilities, beaches etc. the PDP will take action when in Government to remove all obstacles where possible to allow for their participation. The importance of sports for disabled persons is a known fact. With this in mind, the PDP will encourage all forms of sports activities for the disabled, including of course the Special Olympics.

Pitch Number 2 - 7/12/2006
Good News! Finally works on pitch number 2 have been finalised and the pitch is ready for use.
Under 7 matches will as from this weekend be played on the new re-surfaced pitch.

Gibraltar's Sports Consultant, Kenneth Asquez attends Spanish Federation Congress.
Local Sports Management Consultant Kenneth Asquez recently attended the first International Congress on the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) organised by the Spanish Football Federation.

The congress held at the Federation’s impressive headquarters in Las Rozas, Madrid, attracted an extraordinary line up of speakers.

CAS has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and since the reform of the statutes of FIFA and UEFA, it has become the authority which decides on many disputes in international football.
The high profile event was organised by a foundation linked to the Spanish Football Federation, to promote vocational training courses and professional experience based on sporting values. The congress was aimed at lawyers, sports directors, football agents, clubs, associations, leagues and clubs in order for them to receive first hand knowledge of topical legal matters related to the world of football.

Kenneth, whose work evolves in the Spanish and English football markets, said the invitation gave him an opportunity for networking, as he had access to key personnel from UEFA, FIFA, CAS, the Spanish Federation and the FA. There were a total of 300 participants from 25 countries plus representatives from leading European clubs and law firms working in the Sports industry.

He said: “During my studies for my Masters in Sports Law, I took up a special interest in the Court for Arbitration in Sport, primarily due to the fact that sports disputes are settled by experts within the industry and that one of my lecturers Ian Blackshaw is a well respected Sports Lawyer who sits regularly on CAS Disputes. CAS has grown in importance since 1986 and has grown from hearing two cases per annum to hearing 1055 in 2005. Amongst the advantages of CAS are its independence, which is guaranteed through the Swiss Judicial System and the speed in the decision making process at major events like the Olympic Games, World Cup or European Championships.”

“I took a particular interest in the presentation by Gianni Infantino, as it briefly mentioned the case surrounding Gibraltar’s application into UEFA. It was brief as it was the decision of CAS, on insistence of both parties involved - GFA & UEFA - not to publish the award in this case although the court, under the provisions of the Code of Sports-related Arbitration, on its own initiative has the power to order any decision to be published if it is of wider interest to the sporting community.”

Speakers at the Congress included Juan Antonio Samaranch, Honorary Life President of the International Olympic Committee, Jaime Lissavetzky, Spain’s Secretary of State for Sport, Angel Villar, President of the Spanish Football Federation and Vice President of UEFA & FIFA, Daniel Pose, FIFA Legal Services, Gianni Infantino, Director of UEFA Legal Services and Gianpaolo Monteneri, former Head of FIFA Players Status Committee.

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