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Sailing: 14 Year old, Michael Perham, close to breaking world record

A teenager from England is close to breaking the world record for the youngest person to sail unaided across the Atlantic Ocean.

Michael Perham, 14, expects to reach the island of Antigua around New Year's Day after setting sail in a 28-foot yacht from Gibraltar on Nov. 18. Perham has received sponsorship from several companies and permission from his school to miss three weeks of classes, the Guardian reported Friday.

Perham's father Peter, an experienced yachtsman, is following about 2 miles behind him but cannot offer Michael any assistance according to the rules for setting the record.

Michael Perham spoke to Guardian reporters via satellite phone from his boat, the Cheeky Monkey, and told them he was "cruising along quite nicely." Perham has been sailing since the age of 7.

He spent Christmas alone and without presents but celebrated by firing off a flare, the Guardian reported.

Michael is raising money for charity and has so far raised £595, he said:

"I have been given the opportunity to fulfill my sailing dreams. Unfortunately there are lots of disabled people out there who have dreams, but can't fulfill them. Thats not fair.

Please help to make a BIG difference by digging deep and sponsor me online."

Click here to find out how he's done so far.

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