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Gibraltar Disability Movement host a group of young men from the UK

The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement (GLDM) would like to thank many who have helped us out, in lending a hand with a group of under 16 year old kids who paid us a visit from the U.K.

The boy's leader Mr.
Adrian Peacock from the U.K. requested help from the G.L.D.M. to see if we could make arrangements to host some kids from his group for a few days.

There was a particular situation associated with their visit, that being that this group of kids were deaf. Those that helped out with the kids certainly learned a lot from the experience.
With the situation with our visiting kids being deaf, we the G.L.D.M. assumed that communication with our local boys was going to be tough, but we were proved wrong. Our visiting youngsters enjoyed the usual rock excursion, but what made the trip a great success for the boys were the sports events organised. The visiting youngsters enjoyed taking part in competing with our kids at; basketball, football, summing, as well as through the use of the youth service.

One of the visiting boys "Luke" is hopeful that he well be playing football in England’s first division.

We would like to end this letter by saying that many of us who have helped, found that having the young men, here with us, was a fulfilling experience and it's thanks to the U.K. lads that we now know (BSL) British sign language. This has been a truly pleasurable experience, which we hope to enjoy with them next year.

The G.L.D.M. would like to thank the following:

Mr. David Parody, head coach of GABA’s under 16s and under 13s basketball team, and a big thanks to the youngsters of the under 16s and under 13s basketball teams.

Mr Raymond Gonzalez, head coach of Saint Joseph’s football club and their under 15s as well as the assistant coach of the under 11s. Thanks to the youngsters of the under 15s. We must also add that Saint Joseph’s football team triumph first in the international football championship held in Spain Barcelona, winning the Vlanes cup.

GASA Swimming Pool for the enjoyable help in providing activities for our
visiting youngsters.

youth service allowing us to use the center

The G.L.D.M. would like to apologise if they have forgotten anyone that helped us.

The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement will be officially launching their website on 27th of June.

The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement
Performing a service, that of giving information on disability.

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