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Darts: GDA cup provides some exciting contests

The GDA Cup was played this week and with full attendance from the 4 qualified teams it proved to be yet again a fun filled entertaining evening.

Laguna Social Club, Cannon Bar,
Gib Utd (R&J Refrigeration), NewCastle Boix (Youth team)

The draw was completed and the semi-finals where drawn as follows: Laguna Social Club vs Cannon Bar
Gib Utd (R&J Refrigeration) vs NewCastle Boix (Youth team)

The 1st semi-finals between the Laguna and Cannon Bar were taken all the way to the last game. Laguna however, at one point were 3-1 up and only needed 1 more game from the remaining 3 games. Despite this advantage the Cannon Bar were not ready to give up the fight and pulled level to 3 games a piece.

The closely contested, decider between Pepe MascareƱas (Cannon Bar) and Fidelio Bonfante (Laguna) fought right down to the wire, Fidelio however, came up on top, winning by 2-1 to make way for Laguna to play in the final.

In the other semi-final it was the Youth team (Newcastle Boix) against the experienced league runners-up Gib Utd (R&J Refrigeration).

The Young kids though nervous tried their hardest against their strong opponents but it wasn’t to be their day.

Having lost 4-0 and thus conceding the match they still fought on to finish with a respectable result, losing most of the remaining matches by 2-1.

Amongst the other good performences, by the younger players, were Jeremy Cruz and Stefan Federico from Newcastle Boix, both did exceptionally well and both will attend the Youth European Cup in Germany, this coming July. Jeremy took his opponent to the final leg and scored very well, including lots of tons and several 140’s. Stefan was able to beat his opponent 2-0 giving the young lads a win amongst their highly fought but unfortunate losses.

The finals were contested between 2nd Division Laguna Social Club and Premier division Gib Utd. Gib Utd proved to be too strong for them taking the final 6-1.

Well done to the worthy winners.

Image from left to right:
Winners Standing (Gib Utd - R&J Refrigeration)
Alfred Jeffries, Patrick Dean, Francis Taylor, Angel Debono, George Federico, George Ramos

Runners-Up Front (Laguna Social Club)
Francis Remorino, Johny Remorino, Dennis Gonzalez, Mario Galliano, Fidelio Bonfante

Captains placed in front of dartboard (marked with letter C)
Juan Asquez (Gib Utd) & Dennis Sheehan (Laguna)

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