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Pool: Fosters Cup Final held in Calpe Rowing Club

Charlie Bear with Winners FEC Stars (5-4)
FEC Stars V's Hound Dogs
In this photo: Sean Rumbado, Francis
Last Tuesday night saw the Fosters Cup final being held at the Calpe Rowing Club between the Hound Dogs, league champions two years ago, and last year’s double winners, the FEC Stars. The match was a very tight affair with first one team then the other gaining the upper hand. The FEC S tars finally emerging victorious by 5 frames to 3.The Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank Alf Ferrer for organising the tournament, he did a great job in what was his first time organizing an event of this nature; the Calpe Rowing Club and all their staff for providing an excellent venue, Saccone and Speed for their continued support in sponsoring this tournament and finally the players and referee for a great match and at all times playing with an excellent sporting attitude. Well done everybody.
Frame 1: Jonathan Collado v Michael Jones
With Jonathan winning the lag, he quickly established an early lead and with him covering both top pockets with his colours, he was a clear favourite for the frame. This situation gave him a chance to clear which he did, before missing a hard black to the top right corner. This left Michael to pot the five remaining yellows and black to snatch the frame. Unfortunately he could not do this and Jonathan potted a very easy black to make it 1 – 0 to the Stars.
Frame 2: Justin Collado v Gerry Kelly
When Gerry broke and did not pot a ball, Justin saw his chance and started potting yellow after yellow, unfortunately in doing so, he left himself no shot on the black and had to ‘play safe’, or so he thought as Gerry raced through his colours before potting a great black down the rail under extreme pressure to make it all square again, 1- 1.
Frame 3: Kevin Dalli v Gary Chant
With Kevin fouling off the break, Gary potted a number of yellows before coming a cropper in the end and missing a relatively easy black in the top right corner. Kevin then seized his chance by potting all his colours and the black. What a clearance! 2 – 1 to the Stars.
Frame 4: Jonathan Victory v Jimmy Rudder
While the first three frames were all out attack, this frame was a scrappier affair with Jonathan in particular missing a couple of shots to the middle pockets. This last miss gave Jimmy the chance to snooker Jonathan and although he managed to clip his red, this left Jimmy a clearance which he managed to complete with a straight black to the bottom right corner. All Square again, 2 – 2.
Frame 5: Francis Becerra v Allan Browne
This frame again proved to be a scrappy affair with both players missing shots, including one from Francis where he tried to screw back too much and only managed to chip the white ball for a foul. A one in a million shot, which unfortunately proved fatal as Allan cleared his remaining colours before potting a simple black to the left middle. 3 – 2 to the Hound Dogs.
Frame 6: Ernest Clinton v Maggie Rudder
With Maggie breaking and not potting, the play took on a very tactical affair. Just when Maggie thought she had got the better of Ernest, she missed a fairly easy black to the top left corner which would have made it 4 – 2 to the Hound Dogs. This turned out to be the turning point of the entire match as Ernest first snookered Maggie, and when she just missed the black, Ernest cleared to make it 3 – 3.
Frame 7: Jonathan Collado/Justin Collado v Gary Chant/Allan Browne
The pressure started to show for both teams, as they both missed a number of shots of varying degrees of difficulty. The frame and the match finally swung in the Stars favour when Justin snookered Gary and he in turn could not ‘get out’ of the snooker. This left a routine clearance for Jonathan which he duly completed to make it 4 – 3 to the Stars.
Frame 8: Francis Becerra/Jonathan Victory v Gerry Kelly/Maggie Rudder
A must win game for the Dogs; unfortunately it was not to be. They got off to a great start but could not bring it home and this gave Jonathan the chance to snooker Maggie. She managed to hit her yellow only to then see the white go ‘in-off’. Francis proceeded to pot his colours with aplomb before inexplicably missing an easy black to give the Stars the win. This left Gerry with a longish yellow to save the game, unfortunately he just missed and Jonathan, who incidentally potted the winning black last year, made no mistake again to hand the FEC Stars their second consecutive Fosters Cup.

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