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Inititative to allow pupils to visit the 2012 Olympics launched

A new initiative sponsored by Bassadone Automotive Group was launched yesterday at Bayside Comprehensive School. The Group will be working in partnership with the Bayside Comprehensive School Sports Department to give two young people and one teacher the opportunity to win the prize of attending the 2012 Olympics for a full week, experiencing the games, watching the competitions and being part of the atmosphere.

Young People from year 8 (academic year 2008/2009) and all teachers at Bayside School will be invited to register for the ‘Gibraltar Olympic Inspiration 2012’ at a series of introductory sessions that are being organised to take place in January 2009. Bayside students from years 8 and teachers will be invited to take part in the competition which will run for a three and a half year period from January 2009 to Easter 2012.The initiative is the brain child of Head of PE, Graham Hawkins, whose intention is to motivate students to get involved in sports at whatever level.

Bayside headmaster Albert Danino explained the project will run until 2012 and will involve the current year eights students who started at Bayside in September 2008. Mr Hawkins approached him with the idea and then contacted Ken Jones at Bassadone Motors to seek the funding. The aim of Gibraltar Olympics Inspiration is to encourage young people not only to compete in sport inside and outside of school, but also to support the organisation, leadership, refereeing and officiating of junior sport in Gibraltar. The teacher’s competition has similar aims and will reward commitment to developing sport in school and the community.

Section one: Entrants to record sporting participation in the school environment. This section will involve entrants recording all of their extra curricular sporting participation including representing their house in competitions and attending extra curricular sporting activities on an ongoing basis.Section Two: Entrants to record their participation in out of school sport – Recording community sports, whereby youngsters train at least 2 hours per week and participate in competition at least once a month.Section Three: Officiating, refereeing and leading sporting activities.

Bayside School – Supporting inter house, interclass or extra curricular competitions as a referee, scorer, timekeeper or recognised official.

Link schools – Supporting Playground games, International Fun & Team Athletics and or Middle/First school sports days. When entrants reach years 10 and 11 they will continue to record the above but will also have the opportunity to take part in the following initiative that will be credited towards the overall competition.Section four: Supporting and recording link school sporting initiatives, either during lunchtimes or after school. These could include the following: Leading, refereeing, and officiating. Playground Games initiatives. International Fun & Team Athletics. Bayside School after school sports clubs. Middle school after school sports clubs. Bayside, Middle and or first school sports days. GibSports Athletics sports day. Summer Sports & Leisure Programme.Section five: Leadership & officiating education. Taking part and completing all elements of the British Sport Trusts ‘Junior Sports Leadership Award’. Taking part and completing certificated umpiring and officiating awards. Section Six: Community based voluntary work supporting junior activities and the organisation of events.

The criteria for teachers will be based on the following: Supporting extra curricular sporting activities. Refereeing/officiating at inter house, interclass leagues and competitions held in lunchtimes and after school. Supporting the organisation, officiating and or refereeing of middle school competitions after school. Supporting Community sports development. Coaching, refereeing and or recognised officiating. Taking part in coach education activities in own time.For further information on ‘Gibraltar Olympic Inspiration’ contact Graham Hawkins, Head of PE at Bayside School on

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