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New Shirts for Gibraltar Dragons U17's

New shirts for under 17s

Sponsored by

Volker Stevin

Under 17s received another boost this week with the arrival of their new kit kindly sponsored by Volker Stevins, who have taken the boys under their wing. The new kit is in the Gibraltar colours of red and white and looks brilliant. The boys will wear them and their sponsor’s logo with pride.

The year has gone well for junior rugby with two tournaments being held in Bayside school. Years 8 and 9 played a 7s tournament and over 160 boys, many who haven’t played rugby before and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. There are two visiting teams from UK already booked to come out next year and not only will they be playing the Gibraltar dragons, we may be able to field a Bayside school team which certainly would be a first for Gibraltar. This opens rugby up to those who want to play on a social basis here in Gibraltar.

The tag rugby course that was held earlier this year is starting to come to fruition with Tag rugby being put on the syllabus of several schools with hopefully a interschool’s league or tournament being held early April or may, watch this space.

In the league the boys are playing well, but as we anticipated, the second year is always harder as the teams opposing them now know what to expect. However, undaunted, the boys are enjoying it and looking forward to the second part of their season. Unfortunately due to elements beyond our control, the first concentration for the under 13s, 11s and 9s became impossible to attend due to transport issues. The federation was late in confirming the day of the match to us and by the time we knew, coaches in Spain and Gib were already pre booked for the Christmas rush. However, onwards and upwards.

As stated earlier we already have two visiting teams booked for April and May next season. This is an element we will be developing, with the eventual idea of hopefully having a Gibraltar Tournament for junior rugby here in Gibraltar.

The Gibraltar Dragons calendar is now on sale, available in all newsagents, sky shop and Morrisons. The pictures are brilliant and it’s all about what we have been up to throughout the year.

We wish all the boys and Parents a very happy Christmas and new year.

And may we take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported the boys, especially our main sponsors who are:

Volker Stevin for the under 17s

All sports Bar for the under 15s

SG Hambros under 13s

Ibex Insurance for the under 11s and 9s


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