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Alexandra Asquez is Andalucia's sub champion

Saturday 20th December saw over 350 kayakers turn up in Seville for the last race of the year. It was bright and sunny but a little bit gusty making little wavelets on the otherwise flat calm river. Alexandra’s race was the last one of the day. Due to the wind pushing the participants forward across the starting line by the time the start was given she had been squeezed into a very tight spot and had to back paddle before going forward. Although this had initially put her at a disadvantage she paddled hard, and very quickly started overtaking her fellow paddlers. By the time they reached the bottom turn and with 750m to go, the field was pretty spread out and Alexandra was catching up with the leading pack. Now, with the wind against them you could see it was going to be hard work. Slowly but surely Alexandra caught the leading three and with less than ten metres to go, managed to claw herself into 2nd position yet again, finishing in a time of 9min 52 seconds.

At the end of the races she was also presented with a trophy for coming 2nd in the Andalucian Flat Water Racing Championship.

The GCA will be holding a number of flat water races in the new year, and hopefully be able to send a few more paddlers to the Andalucian Championship for next season. For further information please contact Arturo Asquez on 54025033.

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