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Ladies football in Gibraltar

The Juan Chipol 5 aside Ladies Tournament, For the past 4 years Manchester United Ladies (pictured) have been the winners of the 5 aside tournaments.

This tournament is played annually in respect of the late Mr Juan Chipol, who did more than what people can think of towards Ladies Football in Gibraltar. The tournament has been organised to take place on Saturday 3rd January at the New Tercentenary Sports Hall. Hopefully after this event the 11 aside league can commence.

Below are the results of last year's 11 a side league:

02-12-07 6.00pm Man Utd 2 v 2 Gib Utd
02-12-07 7.10pm Gib Yellow 0 v 5 St Josephs
09-12-07 6.00pm Man Utd 3 v 0 Gib Yellow
09-12-07 7.10pm St Josephs 1 v 1 Gib Utd
16-12-07 6.00pm Man Utd 2 v 0 St Josephs
16-12-07 7.10pm Gib Utd 3 v 1 Gib Yellow

13-01-08 6.00pm Gib Utd 1 v 2 Man Utd
13-01-08 7.10pm St Josephs 2 v 0 Gib Yellow
20-01-08 6.00pm Gib Yellow 0 v 1 Man Utd
20-01-08 7.10pm Gib Utd 1 v 1 St Josephs
27-01-08 6.00pm Mixed Team Training for Selection

03-02-08 6.00pm St Josephs 2 v 1 Man Utd
03-02-08 7.10pm Gib Yellow 2 v 3 Gib Utd
10-02-08 6.00pm Gib Utd 0 v 2 Man Utd
10-02-08 7.10pm Gib Yellow 2 v 3 St Josephs
17-02-08 6.00pm Man Utd cancelled Gib Yellow
17-02-08 7.10pm St Josephs cancelled Gib Utd
24-02-08 6.00pm Man Utd 1 v 0 St Josephs
24-02-08 7.10pm Gib Utd 3 v 1 Gib Yellow

02-03-08 6.00pm St Josephs 2 v 1 Man Utd
09-03-08 6.00pm Man Utd 4 v 0 Gib Utd
09-03-08 7.10pm St Josephs 5 v 0 Gib Yellow
16-03-08 6.00pm Gib Yellow 1 v 2 Man Utd
16-03-08 7.10pm Gib Utd 1 v 1 St Josephs
23-03-08 6.00pm Gib Yellow w/o v Gib Utd
30-03-08 6.00pm Man Utd 2 v 1 Gib Yellow (rescheduled)
30-03-08 7.10pm St Josephs 1 v 1 Gib Utd (rescheduled)



The Gibraltar National Day 5 aside Ladies Tournament:
had been organised in previous years although the cup was lost and therefore was not held for several years. The Chairwoman of the Gibraltar Football Association (Ladies), Mrs Lesley Jackson, got it running again this year and hopefully it will continue as an annual event. A special mention of thanks to Mr Richard Manning and Lesley for refereeing the matches.

The 2008 tournament showed that after winning the Juan Chipol 5 aside tournament and the 2007-08 11 aside league the Manchester United Ladies were just as strong even though they had to be split up into 2 teams, by taking the 1st and 2nd position.

Winners 2008 - Manchester United (White)
Nicola Asquez, Christine Dean-Penfold, Claire Nunez, Sadie Fa, Olivia Sargent, Victoria Dominguez-Cantos, Gynaika Mena, Nadine Carreras

Runners Up 2008 - Manchester United (Red)
Joelle Moreno, Maximm Lopez, Leila Asquez, Sammy Machin, Lenise Danino, Nicole Lopez, Zoe Asquez, Megan Martinez

3rd - Gibraltar United
4th St Josephs
5th - Gibraltar Utd

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