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Football clubs call for EGM

The twenty- one clubs in dispute with the Gibraltar Football Association have issued a statement; the principal demand of which is that the GFA call an EGM for no later than Friday 12th. December 2008.

The 21 clubs in dispute with the GFA have issued the following Press Release, at 4.00pm yesterday:Press release.

The 21 clubs registered with the Gibraltar Football Association for the season 2008/09 note with regret the comments that the GFA Council have included in their Press Release issued on Wednesday 25th November 2008 regarding the current dispute. Since the publication of the GFA Press Release the twenty one clubs have met on two occasions in order to reach a consensus on the contents of this Press Release.The clubs unanimously reject the GFA Council's comments which call into question the true intentions of the clubs in the current dispute.The clubs feel obliged to respond as follows:

1) Not only seven clubs have refused to play in official scheduled matches as was stated in the GFA Press Release. ALL twenty one clubs registered with the GFA have refused to play in scheduled matches, and will continue to do so.

2) The clubs have always been aware of rule 30.1 in its entirety. However, the recent suspensions of players under this rule highlight the fact that the rule is open to poor interpretation. The clubs therefore feel that for the betterment of football in Gibraltar, the rule should be removed from the GFA's statutes at the earliest opportunity (hence our call for the EGM). The Clubs and its members have always, and will always feel it is the highest honour to represent Gibraltar in any match played locally or abroad.

3) During a demonstration supported and attended by more than 200 Club Members on Saturday 15th November 2008, the Clubs delivered a letter by hand to the GFA President Mr. Joey Nuñez, clearly outlining their grievances and requesting an urgent EGM in order to address Rule 30.1. The Clubs strongly reject the statement made by the GFA President that the Clubs' request for an EGM did not follow the correct procedure as per the GFA rules, as the letter was signed by delegates of more than 15 Club members, thus being in full compliance with GFA rules.

4) Rule 30.1 of the GFA Rules states that "Any player member selected to attend any international or other match arranged by the council or to tour abroad with any of the national &/or a representative and (without good and sufficient cause) refusing to comply with the arrangements of the council for playing the match or failing to attend that match maybe adjudged by the council to have been guilty of misconduct". The GFA Council's interpretation of the phrase "good and sufficient cause" has given rise to this dispute. The twenty one clubs feel that the GFA Council's poor interpretation has led to wholly unreasonable and unfair disciplinary measures taken against a number of players. As an example, a 17 year old player who withdrew from the National Team's preparations for a particular tournament so as to focus on his education, was found guilty of misconduct by the GFA Council, as in their opinion, this reason did not satisfy their version of "good and sufficient cause". The Clubs' feel that suspending a player in such circumstances is disgraceful and excessive. We are amateurs and we pay to play the game.

5) Similarly the Clubs' felt that the other four suspended players had, "good and sufficient cause" to withdraw from the friendly tournament. All the suspended players gave ample notice of their intentions to the GFA Council, so for the GFA Council to state that they would suffer financial loss is as farcical as it is absurd. To further accuse that the suspended players were "encouraged /pressurized by other players and Clubs not to represent Gibraltar" is an insult to the integrity of all the clubs, members and players whom the GFA Council are supposed to represent.

6) Over fifty members representing the twenty one Clubs have met four times over the past ten days in order to attempt to find a speedy and amicable solution to the current dispute. It is therefore ridiculous for the GFA Council (which is comprised of less than ten members) to suggest that they have had insufficient time to organize an EGM. Instead of prioritizing the much needed EGM, the GFA Council has distracted itself by issuing Clubs with fines and threats of suspension for not fulfilling fixtures. It is the Clubs' opinion that this is an underhand tactic used by the Council to delay the EGM, which is only adding unwanted turmoil to the current dispute, as the Council's 'stubborn' mentality is threatening the Clubs' intention to settle the dispute amicably. It is clear that they do not have the best interests of all the members of the GFA at heart. All Club officials and players also give up their free time to play and be involved in the sport that we love.

7) The Clubs' therefore call upon the GFA Council to hold the EGM by no later than Friday 12th December 2008. Historical rivalry amongst local football clubs is well known. The fact that all twenty one clubs have willingly set aside this rivalry to unite for a common cause, is a measure of the seriousness and importance of this current dispute.The boycotting of matches by all twenty one clubs registered with the GFA will continue until the EGM has been held.

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