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Mini Basketball Tournament sponsored by Government's Anti Drug Strategy

The Gibraltar Amateur Basketball Association will be organising a mini basketball tournament on Saturday 7th December at the Bayside Sports Centre. Approximately 120 children and young persons will be participating. As part of its objective to foster healthier lifestyles for the young, the Government’s Drug Strategy will sponsor the event.

The Drug Strategy Co-ordinator and members of the Crime Prevention and Reduction Unit of the RGP will be operating a stand where literature and information on the risks of drugs will be available. The tournament will commence at 9 am and will conclude at approximately 12.30pm.

This event comes at the end of a particularly busy week for the Drug Strategy, having delivered drugs awareness workshops to approximately 600 students at Bayside Comprehensive School. The Drug Strategy Co-ordinator wishes to thank all those who participated in these sessions, especially the invited speakers. Already, the feedback received from pupils, teachers and parents has been extremely positive.

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