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Netball Tour by 10 Army Girls

10 members of the Army Physical Training Corps Netball team will be visiting Gibraltar from 3 to 8 November 2008. Whilst they are here they will play fixtures against Bullock, Baker Tilly, Elite Travel and the British Forces Gibraltar team.

The Corps aims to use the visit to foster team spirit, promote team cohesion. It will also be a useful preparation for their participation in the Army's Inter-Corps Netball Championships which take place in Aldershot on 14 November.

Elite Bullock Baker Tilly

Wednesday 5 November at Victoria Stadium Sports Hall

7.00pm APTC V BFG

7.30pm Baker Tilly V Elite

8.00pm Bullock V BFG

8.30pm APTC V Baker Tilly

9.00pm Elite V Bullock

Thursday 6 November at Tercentenary Sports Hall

7.30pm Elite V BFG

8.00pm APTC V Bullock

8.30pm Baker Tilly V BFG

9.00pm APTC V Elite

9.30pm Baker Tilly V Bullock


1. Round robin competition

2. Matches will consist of 2 x 10 minute halves
3. 2 Minutes at half time and 5 minutes change over.
4. Bibs and Balls will be available if needed
5. The GNA will also provide umpires and scorers.

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Gibraltar Basketball Academy almost ready for its roll out

The Gibraltar Basketball Academy has been put together by both FECC Participants Coach Jason McMahon and Coach Albert Tellez under the Gibraltar Amateur Basketball Association. Our goal is to help popularise basketball within Gibraltar at all Youth levels. Within the academy we will be focusing on 3 aspects of the game, which are: Fundamentals, Co-ordination and Base game. Our teaching methodology is inspired by our FECC (FIBA Europe Coaching Certificate) Mentor Svetislav Pesic, FIBA Europe Coaching Co-ordinator Michael Schwarz and Coaching instructors Lucien Legrand, Pablo Laso, Nihat Izic, Duncan French and Gordon Herbert.

Our teaching methods are the implementation of correction and repetition, taking care of small details whilst not forgetting the important element of the “FUN” factor on young kids.

Our intention is to take a more individual aproach to the improvement of every member of our Academy. With this work ethic we will inspire the core foundation of future Gibraltar Basketball Teams. The most significant change we offer at the Academy when compared to any basketball club or team is the non existance of “The Winning Factor”,for most Club/team coaches over emphasis competitive play and mostly ignores developmental recreational periods.

At our Academy we will adopt a more personal approach, working on both the importance of psychological and physiological development stages that each child passes through during childhood. At first it’s important to attract a child offering an environment which is fun and friendly motivated and only then can we would guarantee the children will enjoy playing basketball.

The Academy’s initial work will involve the Micro Basket (Boys & Girls, born 2001 – 2002) and Pre Mini Basketball (Boys & Girls, born 1999 - 2000) age groups.Our Coaching approach in these introductory age groups to be more instructional and is not competitive. Kids will be practicing twice a week, will play with a small youth ball and the baskets are at a height of 2.60m.. The goal is for each child to learn a little bit about basketball and have fun at every practice. The venue for the Academy is the Garrison Gymnasium. At present it is being refurbished in order to offer all its members the adequate facilities providing the optimum enjoyment of basketball and at the same time enhancing human kinetics.

We will be targeting to recruit up to 100 members. It is our intention to increase the number of participants pending on both the recruitment and adequate teaching of additional Monitors/Coaches. Once we have the desired man power we will be able to increase the participating numbers on the following categories; Micro Basketball (born 2001 - 2002), Pre Mini Basket (born 1999 -2000), Mini Basket (born 1997-1998) and Passerelle.(born 1995-1996).

The Gibraltar Amateur Basketball Association nominated us to participate in FECC (FIBA Europe Coaching Certificate), a three year course which started in 2007. We fervently desire that our participation will have a beneficial spin-off effect in the development of basketball in Gibraltar. Brainstorming sessions with both the lecturers and participants at the second FECC clinic in Greece this past summers created the idea of setting up the idea of the Academy. Many ideas conceived at the sessions will now be implemented in the fields of philosophy, methodolog and routine.

Click here to apply on line, Closing date 31st October 2008.

Click here to visit the Gibraltar Academy Website

Watch an interview about a coaching course they recently attended:

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Gibraltar 6-a-side tournament a success and start of SG Hambros Cup

Tag yourself in the Facebook group photos.
Tag yourself in the Facebook group photos.

Tag yourself in the Facebook group photos.
6 A-side The GHA would like to thank all participating teams and supporters that made the 6-a-side tournament a success. We would also like to congratulate the winning teams (Mens – Sloggers HC, Ladies – Eagles Black) and thank Hon. Edwin Reyes, Minister for Sport, for kindly presenting the winners with their trophies. A special mention for those goal keepers who took part in the tournament (some even playing over 10 games) and for spending most of the day helping various teams out.

SG Hambros Cup reults and forthcoming fixtures

TIME 25-26 October Results

13.45 hrs Black Eagles 1 vs 2 Grammarians Oldies
15.00 hrs Grammarians Young Guns 4 vs 1 Lions Pirates
16.40 hrs Eagles Tangerine 5 vs 5 Collegians Vets.
11.00hrs Lions Hawks 2 vs 3 Barclays Wealth

8-9 November Fixtures

13.45 hrs Collegians Vets.
Lions Pirates
15.00 hrs Eagles
Lions Hawks
16.40 hrs Eagles Tangerine
Grammarians Oldies
11.00hrs Black Eagles
Gib HT

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Gibraltar Badminton going from strength to strength

The Gibraltar Badminton Association’s Doubles League gets under way this coming Sunday. After a few weeks a registration there have been a record number of teams registered. Eight teams will compete for the first division. This league will prove to be very competitive with the top local players spread out into a number of different teams as follows:


1. Gibral Flora White

2. Gibral Flora Ltd

3. Team Jyske Bank

4. Remington Rockets

5. Isolas

6. Marine Service Shipping

7. Banzai Monkeys

8. Mystery Inc

The remaining fifteen teams have been divided into three groups and will play one round. After this the top two teams from each group and the best third will form division two and the rest will form division three, they will then play an extra two rounds.

Fixtures for Sunday 2nd November:

Date Time Court Home Team Away Team

Division 1 8.30pm 1 Gibral Flora White Mystery Inc 2 Gibral Flora The Bazai Monkeys

3 Team Jyske Bank Marine Services

4 Remington Rockets Isolas

Group A 6.30pm 1 Papa and the Knobs Marrache & Co 2 BCNZ The Shuttles

Group B 6.30pm 3 Chunky Monkey Rocky III 4 Stm Fidecs X Factor

Group C 6.30pm 5 Lions FC Capurro Insurance 6 Gib Dragons Gibraltar Stars

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Gibraltar V Granada Rugby Report

On a hot and sunny Sunday afternoon CD Granada 2004 rugby team arrived at Pueblo Nuevo Rugby pitch, home of John Smiths Gibraltar Rugby sponsored by Peninsula Petroleum. The game started brightly for the visitors, although Gibraltar scored first with a superbly kicked penalty from full back Chris Gillighan. Granada’s forwards were gaining early possession from sloppy work at the lineout by Gibraltar and one such turnover led to a try scored by de la Rosa on 13 minutes which was duly converted. This stung Gibraltar into a response, the forwards tightening their play and feeding the backs with some quality possession.

On the 20 minute mark after some sterling work from the front 3 of Uphill, Perera and Boulton, James Russo received quality ball from the base of the scrum and he unleashed Ross Eatwell for a perfect response into the corner, the kick was converted by the trusty boot of Chris Gillighan. There followed a period of handling errors from both teams, but Gibraltar constantly proved a threat with the centre pairing of Garcia and Couper making several dynamic thrusts up the park. On the 36th minute following some superb handling from Garcia, and surprisingly Dibb, James Russo was set free to crash over the line for Gibraltar’s 2nd try of the game, unfortunately the extra 2 points were missed this time.

John Smiths Gibraltar Rugby Club sponsored By Peninsula Petroleum had now stepped up a gear and the backs looked increasingly dangerous whenever they received the ball. With the half drawing to a close the forwards turned over great ball in the centre of the park inside Granada’s 22, an excellent driving maul started by South African Nick Muller ensued and smashed through the defences by Chris Gillighan to allow James Russo to score his second try of the game under the sticks, the successful conversion was the last act of the first half. Half time score Gibraltar Rugby Club 22 CD Granada 2004 7

The second half began and Granada had been forced into a pack reshuffle, this made it tough for the Gibraltar front 5 to settle and the scrummage which had been solid, started to creak, fortunately the line out was reaping quality possession with the throw to the middle of the line. The first 20 minutes of the second half continued as the first, Gibraltar looking very dangerous attacking and it was only down to some brave last ditch tackles that Gibraltar didn’t run away with the game.

Occasional errors were gifting Granada possession but this only allowed the centres Garcia and Couper along with Chad Thomson and Chris Lyons to give a lesson in tackling to the watching fans. By the 65th minute with the scores still at 22-7 Gibraltar won the ball on the 10m line, the ball was quickly spun out along the line allowing John Dibb to cross the line for the first of his 2 tries, to cap this he added a conversion from the far touch line. This try seemed to break the Granada will, the backs were receiving more ball now and running at will at their beleaguered opposition, holes were appearing in the defence and again John Dibb took advantage with a super angled run to receive the ball and again cross for another try, unfortunately he could not repeat his efforts with the conversion.

The game was now drawing to a close, energy was low and substitutes were on from Gibraltar’s very strong bench, from out of the blue Charlie Valender collected the ball and made a sabre like strike, broke through 3 players and released Julian Leigh to mark his first appearance of the season with a superbly taken try under the posts right at the death which was slotted over easily.

Man of the match for the second game running was voted James Russo, although he had to leave the field with a poorly toe with 14 minutes left.

A tough game for both teams thanks to the heat, but one enjoyed by the multitude of massed supporters watching from the sidelines, which ended 41-7 to Gibraltar which leaves them with 10 points from the opening 2 games.

Next week sees the unbeaten John Smiths Gibraltar Rugby Club sponsored by Peninsula Petroleum travel to take on newcomers to the league CD Rugby Mairena, near Sevilla.

Gibraltar team that played Granada

Rob Uphill, Adrian Perera, Kevin Boulton, Chad Thomson, Charles Valender, Gary Evans, Nick Muller, Chris Lyons, James Russo, Ross Eastwell, John Dibb, Joey Garcia, Hamish Couper, Mark Breen, Chris Gillighan, Ronnie Gache, Julian Leigh, David Healey, Owain Richards, Dale Walton, Nick Culatto

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The Rock's rhythmic gymnasts have made Gibraltar very proud this last weekend at the Meadowside Leisure Centre in Burton upon Trent where the British National Grades Championships Finals took place.

Ten of our gymnasts had qualifed to take part in the Grades Finals after attending the British National Inter-Regionals although only 8 attended due to school commitments.

It must be stated that these girls had qualified out of the 100s of gymnasts that attend the Inter-Regionals so just qualifying in itself is a great achievement.

Gibraltar can now proudly boast of having 6 local gymnasts within the top 10 in the whole of the British system including England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. These rankings at the end of the day is what proves the depth and hard work that has gone into the long hours of training.
Results at the Grades Finals this weekend were as follows, were our girls competed against groups of 20 to 30 gymnasts in each grade:

Sian Holmes competing in the Grade 4 category came home with a bronze medal in a 3rd podium position with her Freehand routine and is now the 6th overall gymnast within the system.
Claire Wahnon competing in the Grade 5 category came 5th with her Hoop routine and is now the 5th overall gymnast within the system.

Louise Gonzalez also competed in the Grade 5 category and came 6th with her Rope routine now being the 7th overall gymnast within the system.

Gabriella Lyden competing in the Grade 7 category came 4th with her Clubs routine and 5th with her Ball routine and is now an amazing 4th overall positioned gymnast within the system.
Nicola Bosio competing in the Grade 9 category came home with a bronze medal in a 3rd podium position with her Rope routine and 6th with her Hoop routine and is now the 7th overall gymnast within the system.

Georgina Cassar also competed in the Grade 9 category taking the 4th position with her Ribbon routine, 5th position with her Hoop routine and 6th position with her Ball routine. Georgina was stunned with her 5th overall gymnast position within the system.
Georgina Jackson, Grade 9 and Alexandra Ballantine, Grade 4 also attended the Finals, for the first time this year, after qualifying and both looked very good on the carpet with their respective routines, at which the experience learned at this level becomes an asset for them.
Head Coach Sally Holmes was congratulated by all other coaches and judges during their weekend stay in the UK as Gibraltar has been the club to show a vast improvement within the last year in rhythmic gymnastics both in having more girls qualifying and with higher standards and for their discipline within the competition as our girls were also selected to help out with duties during the competition at which they were classified as excellent and hard working girls with a very polite attitude.

The GRGA committee would like to thank Head Coach Sally Holmes, Assistant Coach Christine Dean-Penfold and Judge Gemma Fernandez for their hard work this weekend making the trip possible and all other coaches, Naomi Sercombe, Lesley Jackson, Adrienne Victory, Danielle Perez and Marie Sanchez for holding the fort and continuing training classes in Gibraltar during their absence. A special mention of thanks to Jolene Gomez for all the choreography and Paulette Napoli for all the ballet.

The Association says it will be taking part in a competition at Bath, UK end of October together with a training camp so as to gain knowledge on furthering rhythmic gymnastics both at gymnast and coaching levels.

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Great win for Gibraltar in their first encounter of the Andalucian First Division

Saturday the 18th of October saw the start of the new Andalucian rugby season, with the John Smiths Gibraltar Rugby Football Club sponsored by Peninsula Petroleum launching straight into the fray travelling away against the newly merged team from Malaga.

This new outfit comprises members of the former CR Malaga and Universidad Malaga and were a formidable opponent in the first game of GRFC's second season in the top flight of rugby in Andalucia.

The team from Gibraltar were under pressure from the start, outweighed in the forwards by the sizable Malaga pack, which began dominating in the scrums and the breakdowns early on. This led to an early Malaga try, which was unconverted.

In light of this, the decision was made to adapt the game tactics to suit the opposition Gibraltar faced; quick ball to the backs was needed, especially when bogged down in defence, as the GRFC backs had already demonstrated their ability to break the lines of the Malaga back line.

A number of these moves led to some quick points for Gibraltar, a penalty which was taken successfully by Chris Gillighan, followed by a superb move by the backs ending in a try in the corner on the 17th minute by Gibraltar wing Albert Loddo. The conversion was just missed. Some excellent support play by the Gibraltar pack, not being sucked into play and covering the midfield whilst their backs were tied up in rucks led to a second try in the 38th minute, with Gibraltar prop forward Kevin Boulton going over the line. This was again unconverted, but Gibraltar launched straight back into attack from the restart, scoring again on the stroke of half time through Mark Breen which was successfully converted this time by Chris Gillighan.

Half Time Malaga 17 – 20 Gibraltar

Gibraltar started the second half in much the same way as they had left the first. A lot of fast moving open running rugby, with quick ball being secured each time. This led to drive the Malaga pack to frustration, who then gave away a penalty in front of their posts. Chris Gillighan was again on target with the boot.

A number of unforced errors and questionable decisions were to Gibraltar's detriment shortly after. A try was disallowed for a forward pass that never occurred followed by a pair of dubious penalty decisions, both of which were taken quickly by Malaga and scored in the corner.

John Smiths Gibraltar Rugby Club sponsored by Peninsula Petroleum had made a number of their own substitutions by this point, most effective of which was replacement winger John Gillighan. Shortly after making his appearance he broke through the tackle of his opposite man, to score in the corner on the 65th minute. A fantastic effort from the sideline converted the try. 6 minutes later an almost identical move set John Gillingham up again, this time breaking through 3 tacklers to score in the identical spot as previously, and in true mirroring fashion, Chris Gillingham converted the try once more .

Final Score: Malaga 29 – 37 Gibraltar

Try’s: Albert Loddo, Kevin Boulton, Mark Breen, John Gillighan (x2)

Kicks: Chris Gillighan (x5 – 2xPen 3xConv)

The team has its second game this Sunday 26th October at 13.00 at Guadiaro

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Gibraltar recently hosted European Commonwealth Shooting Championships

The Gibraltar Shooting Federation recently hosted the Commonwealth Shooting Federation European Division 2008 Championships from today Friday 26th to Sunday 28th September at the 3 shooting ranges by Europa point.

This competition is held every two years in different European Commonwealth Countries, the last competition was held in Jersey.

The championship has had a tremendous response. It is by far the biggest turn out for the past 15 years, over 140 shooters representing Wales, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Malta, Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, and Gibraltar.

The championship consisted of competitions in various disciplines such as Air/rifle, Rifle, Pistol and Clay, teams, individual competitions. The championship also caterd for development shooters which helped them gain experience in techniques and different aspects of shooting

World class shooters and former Commonwealth games gold, silver and bronze medallists were amongst the visitors who experienced the unique variety of different conditions which the Gibraltar ranges had to offer.

The Gibraltar Shooting Federation warmly welcomed all the shooters to the rock. A. Buhagiar, GSF secretary.

Pictured: CSF European Division gold medallist Tara Laine, left, and new British record holder Nikki Trebert from Guernsey

Maltese Shooting Federation: Gibraltar results
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6 a-side results and Hambros hockey tournament this weekend

The GHA would like to thank all participating teams and supporters that made the 6-a-side tournament a success. We would also like to congratulate the winning teams (Mens – Sloggers HC, Ladies – Eagles Black) and thank Hon. Edwin Reyes, Minister for Sport, for kindly presenting the winners with their trophies. A special mention for those goal keepers who took part in the tournament (some even playing over 10 games) and for spending most of the day helping various teams out.

The GHA are now looking forward to commencing the SG Hambros Cup this coming weekend.

Player registration will be allowed this weekend before each match and as from next week will have to be done 48hrs before
the respective match.

Also very important due to lack of time, each team will have to play two matches in one weekend in order for the Cup to be completed before the Christmas break and for this competition the GHA will not allow any team to postpone matches therefore if a team is short of players they either play with the players they have(as many of us have done before) or simply forfeit and
the opponent will be granted a 3-0 win.

Men's competition
Six a Side Results
Grammarians Team 1 3 vs 0 The Vets
Women Can't Drive 0 vs 2 City Fire Brigade
ICEMAN PARROSO 5 vs 1 Eagles 58
Britannia H.T 1 vs 1 Pirates
Taylor's 3rd Base Army 0 vs 3 Sloggers H.C.
Europa H.T 3 vs 3 Shampanski HC
ICEMAN PARROSO 1 vs 2 Grammarians Team 1
Britannia H.T 1 vs 1 Willy Salsa H.C
Calpense H.T. 0 vs 1 Sloggers H.C.
Los Naranjito 2 vs 2 Pirates
Eagles 58 3 vs 0 The Vets
Casi 30 5 vs 0 Calpense H.T.
City Fire Brigade 0 vs 2 Shampanski HC
Britannia H.T 3 vs 0 Grammarians Team 2
Women Can't Drive 2 vs 3 Europa H.T
Casi 30 3 vs 0 Taylor's 3rd Base Army
Grammarians Team 2 0 vs 3 Los Naranjito
Eagles 58 2 vs 3 Grammarians Team 1
Grammarians Team 2 0 vs 3 Pirates
Willy Salsa H.C 3 vs 0 Los Naranjito
Casi 30 2 vs 3 Sloggers H.C.
Women Can't Drive 1 vs 3 Shampanski HC
Britannia H.T 2 vs 1 Los Naranjito
ICEMAN PARROSO 3 vs 0 The Vets
Willy Salsa H.C 3 vs 0 Grammarians Team 2
Calpense H.T. 3 vs 0 Taylor's 3rd Base Army
City Fire Brigade 1 vs 2 Europa H.T
Willy Salsa H.C 3 vs 0 Pirates

Quarter Finals

Winner A Willy Salsa H.C. 1 vs 3 Casi 30 Second B
Winner B Sloggers HC 4 vs 2 Britannia H.T Second A
Winner C Shampanski HC 6 vs 0 ICEMAN PARROSO Second D
Winner D Grammarians Team 1 4 vs 4 Europa H.T Second C

Europa H.T win 3 - 4 after penalties

Semi Finals

Winner 1 Casi 30 3 vs 4 Sloggers HC Winner 2
Winner 3 Shampanski HC 4 vs 3 Europa H.T Winner 4


Winner 5 Sloggers HC 4 vs 2 Shampanski HC Winner 6
Winners: Sloggers H.C.

Women's competition



Eagles Black


Gibraltar Ten Pin Bowling News

All teams are advised that as from Monday the 20th October 2008 all league games will now start at 7pm and at 9pm. Teams are advised to be there at least 15 minutes earlier to pay the fees and for the practice session.

The next session will be on Wednesday 22nd October 2008 starting at 4.30pm

Finals of this event will take place on Saturday 25th October 2008 and will be on a knockout basis. Top 8 men and top 2 ladies. See calendar for details

Charlie De La Rosa will be representing Gibraltar at the forthcoming 44th AMF World Cup to be held in Hermosillo Mexico from the 7th - 15th November 2008 after having topped the current rankings in the last few months. It will be a first for Charlie who is really looking forward to the challenge. Good luck to him. He will be accompanied by Tony Galea as Manager/Coach.

Julie Jackson, Kelly Turnbull(youth), Tony Galea and Charlie De La Rosa will be representing Gibraltar at this Bi Annual event which takes place in Belfast, Northern Ireland between the 22nd and 30th November 2008.

Members are advised that at a committee meeting it was decided that as from January 2008 the Minimum Qualifying average for atendance at any of the International Competitions in which the GTBA participates will be 165 or above for both men and women.
For any International Youth tournaments the minimum avearge will be 150

Click here to view their calendar of events.


Gibraltarians take part in III Commonwealth Youth Games in Pune India

7 Gibraltarians (listed below) have had the pleasure and the amazing experience of representing Gibraltar at the III Commonwealth Youth Games being held in Pune, India. (results pages)

The spectacular sporting bonanza has unfolded in the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Pune is the proud host of the Commonwealth Youth Games 2008. An independent multi sports event, the Youth Games are a run up and a trial event to the Commonwealth Games 2010 to be held in Delhi.

Pune is renowned for hosting several world class events, including India’s oldest Marathon. World class sports facilities, modern infrastructure, excellent connectivity by multiple means of transport and a rich cultural heritage coupled with salubrious climate, indeed vouch for Pune’s candidature as the host city for the III Commonwealth Youth Games 2008.

It is for the FIRST time, that the Commonwealth Youth Games will be held in Asia – in 2008.

The Inaugural Commonwealth Youth Games were held in Edinburgh, Scotland from 10th to 14th August 2000.

The II Commonwealth Youth Games were held in Bendigo, Australia from 30th November to 3rd December 2004.

The III Commonwealth Youth Games will be held in Pune from the 12th to 18th October 2008. Over 1,300 athletes and 350 officials from 71 countries will participate in these games, in 9 disciplines -Athletics, Badminton, Boxing, Shooting, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Weightlifting and Wrestling are included in the Commonwealth Youth Games 2008.

Apart from the athletes, team officials and Games technical Conduct Officials, there will be representatives from the National and International Federations alongwith the representatives of Print and Electronic media.

The Commonwealth Youth Games are an extremely significant event for India as they will form the back-bone for her quest for maximum Medals in the Delhi 2010 Games. The Youth Games will also serve to identify India’s medal winning potential athletes for the Asian Games 2014 and the Olympic Games 2016.

The most unique feature of these games is their venue, Shri Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex. The venue of the III Commonwealth Youth Games Pune 2008 i.e. Shiv Chhatrapati Sports City, Balewadi, is unique as it is for the first time that the competition venues of all disciplines and the athletes’ village will be housed in a single sports complex. Located on 153 acres of land, on the outskirts of Pune, it is all set to host the international competitive multi-sporting event.

Meanwhile our athletes have been doing well in their respective disciplines against some truly world class opposition: Click on their sport to view their results and click on View to browse their profiles.

Sr No First Name Family Name Gender Discipline View
1 Aaron Bagu Male Athletics View
2 Andrew Cavilla Male Athletics View
3 Julian Franco Male Athletics View
4 Kim Baglietto Female Athletics View
5 Oliver Quick Male Swimming View
6 Amanda Carreras Female Tennis View
7 Jeremy Poggio Male TennisView


Pillars of Hercules video from 2008 Gibraltar's Rugby 7s

Gibraltar hosted their first rugby 7s tournament in 2008. It was a great success and attracted sometop teams such as Puerto Santa Maria and plenty of teams madeup of Gibraltar based players.

Gibraltar Rugby Club are looking at making thisa regular fixture in what is becoming a very busy calendar for the club as they move further up the leagues and develop their skills and squad.

If you are interested in entering a teamfor the May 2009 tournament let them know in advance as places for the competition are hard to come by. First come first served. As you can see the weather promises to be amazing. Flights to Gibraltar are fairly reasonable with Easyjet, Monarch or BA. However, you can fly to Jerez from Stansted or from Malaga which are both only an hour and a half away.

COntact the club via their website or their group on facebook.

Click on watch in High Quality for better effect.


6 a side Hockey Tournament Gibraltar update

Men's teams changes to groups update(latest):
Group A Group B Group C Group D
Britannia H.T Casi 30 Women Can't Drive Iceman parosso
Willy Salsa H.C Calpense H.T. City Fire Brigade Eagles 58
Grmrian Team 2 T's 3rd Base Army Europa H.T Grmrian Team 1
Los Naranjito Sloggers HC Shampanski HC The Vets

Rules of tournament:

- Matches are 15 minutes straight

- Teams can have 5 outfield players and a keeper or 6 outfield players

- Teams must be ready to play 15 minutes before their scheduled game.

- Players can play for one team only (excluding goalkeepers)

- NO HITTING (slapping and pushing only)

- Roll on, roll off substitutions

- Green Card (minimum 3 minutes), Yellow Card (miss remainder of the game), Red Card (GO HOME!)

- Should any quarter final, semi final or final game end in a draw then there will be penalty strokes. 3 per team.

- No short corners, any foul inside the D will result in a penalty.

- Penalty strokes – one on one against keeper (8 seconds to score). Intentional foul by the keeper is a goal.

- A player from each team currently playing will have to umpire the next game once theirs has finished.

- Normal standard FIH rules apply.

- Tournament Committee (Carl Ramagge, Nathan Stagno & Shane Ramagge) will have the last say on any matters arising during the day that may not be covered by the rules.


Dylan Duo goes professional

It has been on the cards for a few years but Dylan has finally taken the plunge and joined the illustrious ranks of the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), and will be rubbing shoulders with the world’s elite.

This is a first for any Gibraltar Darts player and we hope he keeps his recent form and is able to hold his own. As is well known locally Dylan has been Gibraltar’s top player for some years and his development in the sport can only improve with regular professional competition.

Dylan is under no illusions about the task ahead of him….. he has already intensified his training regime and is now training at least 3 hours a day. His first PDC tournament will be from 17-19 October, in Irvine, Scotland. This will be televised on ITV1 so local fans should keep their eyes peeled to see our compatriot in action. Later on this season he will be entering other tournaments, and hopefully we will be able to see him in action on Sky Sports.

If you have any doubts about his talents then please feel free to visit the GDA honours page at

Dylan has obtained some local sponsorship, but is still hoping that more local businesses are able to help out. Anyone wishing to financially assist this local sportsman in his endeavours should contact him on

The GDA wish Dylan every success in his professional darts career.


6 a side Hockey Tournament Gibraltar

As you may be aware the GHA will be holding a six-a-side open this coming Saturday 11th October.

We have had a very good response from teams and we have 19 mens teams competing and 4 womens teams.

Please find attached rules which will apply for this tournament and full fixture list.

Team Captains - Please be at the Hockey Pitch by 930 as the Tournament committe would like to address
captains prior to the commencement of the tournament. Also please ensure all team members are present
at least 15 minutes before the start of your match.

IMPORTANT NOTE - No matches will be postponed so if a team has missing players and are unable to play
the opponent will automatically be granted a 3-0 win.

The small bar will be open and will be selling both food and drinks throughout the course of the day.


Gibraltar Tag Rugby Success

The Gibraltar Dragons are delighted to announce the outstanding success of the Tag Rugby course ran last week by Mr Graham Hawkins, of Bayside Secondary school and Mr Lynn Evans of the RFU.

Over twenty teachers from the local schools took part who are looking to take this exciting game back to the pupils, as well as teachers the course expanded the knowledge of the Dragons coaches, who recently undertook the RFU level one course and demonstrated the unequivocal commitment the Dragons our schools and teachers have in promoting, not only Rugby into the curriculum, but also safe, fun and healthy activities for our youngsters.

The Dragons look forward to assisting our dedicated teachers, who give up so much of their time for youth activities, to the continual growth and development of junior rugby in Gibraltar.

Coaching tag rugby and the rules.


Six a side Hockey Tournament

As part of our 60th anniversary celebrations the Gibraltar Hockey Association committee will be starting our season with a social 6-a-side tournament for both men and ladies, which will be played on Saturday 11th October. This tournament will be held throughout the whole day. The idea of the tournament is to celebrate our 60th anniversary with both present and past players, as well as people who may have an interest in the sport, in a social and friendly atmosphere with the aim to attract more people to play socially.

This is the first of many events which will be held throughout the season as part of our celebrations.

The tournament will be an open tournament (no need to be a member of the GHA), although current teams have been encouraged to enter a couple of teams. The feedback from both members and non members (some retired players and supporters of local hockey) has been very positive and a good number of teams are expected.

Teams should have a minimum of 5 players (goal keepers will be present and can play for any team they wish) and there will be a £10 entrance fee per team, payable on the day, which would go to charity (Cancer). Players should be over 12 years of age. Further rules and fixtures will be available on the day.

The deadline to enter your team is TUESDAY 07TH OCTOBER.

Attached is the team registration form which should be handed in to either Shane Ramagge or me (electronic copies will do) before the deadline (should you the Press want to enter a team).

Pictures and write up on the event to follow.

Best regards,

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