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Dylan Duo goes professional

It has been on the cards for a few years but Dylan has finally taken the plunge and joined the illustrious ranks of the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), and will be rubbing shoulders with the world’s elite.

This is a first for any Gibraltar Darts player and we hope he keeps his recent form and is able to hold his own. As is well known locally Dylan has been Gibraltar’s top player for some years and his development in the sport can only improve with regular professional competition.

Dylan is under no illusions about the task ahead of him….. he has already intensified his training regime and is now training at least 3 hours a day. His first PDC tournament will be from 17-19 October, in Irvine, Scotland. This will be televised on ITV1 so local fans should keep their eyes peeled to see our compatriot in action. Later on this season he will be entering other tournaments, and hopefully we will be able to see him in action on Sky Sports.

If you have any doubts about his talents then please feel free to visit the GDA honours page at

Dylan has obtained some local sponsorship, but is still hoping that more local businesses are able to help out. Anyone wishing to financially assist this local sportsman in his endeavours should contact him on

The GDA wish Dylan every success in his professional darts career.


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