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Gibraltar Badminton going from strength to strength

The Gibraltar Badminton Association’s Doubles League gets under way this coming Sunday. After a few weeks a registration there have been a record number of teams registered. Eight teams will compete for the first division. This league will prove to be very competitive with the top local players spread out into a number of different teams as follows:


1. Gibral Flora White

2. Gibral Flora Ltd

3. Team Jyske Bank

4. Remington Rockets

5. Isolas

6. Marine Service Shipping

7. Banzai Monkeys

8. Mystery Inc

The remaining fifteen teams have been divided into three groups and will play one round. After this the top two teams from each group and the best third will form division two and the rest will form division three, they will then play an extra two rounds.

Fixtures for Sunday 2nd November:

Date Time Court Home Team Away Team

Division 1 8.30pm 1 Gibral Flora White Mystery Inc 2 Gibral Flora The Bazai Monkeys

3 Team Jyske Bank Marine Services

4 Remington Rockets Isolas

Group A 6.30pm 1 Papa and the Knobs Marrache & Co 2 BCNZ The Shuttles

Group B 6.30pm 3 Chunky Monkey Rocky III 4 Stm Fidecs X Factor

Group C 6.30pm 5 Lions FC Capurro Insurance 6 Gib Dragons Gibraltar Stars

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