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Gibraltar Basketball Academy almost ready for its roll out

The Gibraltar Basketball Academy has been put together by both FECC Participants Coach Jason McMahon and Coach Albert Tellez under the Gibraltar Amateur Basketball Association. Our goal is to help popularise basketball within Gibraltar at all Youth levels. Within the academy we will be focusing on 3 aspects of the game, which are: Fundamentals, Co-ordination and Base game. Our teaching methodology is inspired by our FECC (FIBA Europe Coaching Certificate) Mentor Svetislav Pesic, FIBA Europe Coaching Co-ordinator Michael Schwarz and Coaching instructors Lucien Legrand, Pablo Laso, Nihat Izic, Duncan French and Gordon Herbert.

Our teaching methods are the implementation of correction and repetition, taking care of small details whilst not forgetting the important element of the “FUN” factor on young kids.

Our intention is to take a more individual aproach to the improvement of every member of our Academy. With this work ethic we will inspire the core foundation of future Gibraltar Basketball Teams. The most significant change we offer at the Academy when compared to any basketball club or team is the non existance of “The Winning Factor”,for most Club/team coaches over emphasis competitive play and mostly ignores developmental recreational periods.

At our Academy we will adopt a more personal approach, working on both the importance of psychological and physiological development stages that each child passes through during childhood. At first it’s important to attract a child offering an environment which is fun and friendly motivated and only then can we would guarantee the children will enjoy playing basketball.

The Academy’s initial work will involve the Micro Basket (Boys & Girls, born 2001 – 2002) and Pre Mini Basketball (Boys & Girls, born 1999 - 2000) age groups.Our Coaching approach in these introductory age groups to be more instructional and is not competitive. Kids will be practicing twice a week, will play with a small youth ball and the baskets are at a height of 2.60m.. The goal is for each child to learn a little bit about basketball and have fun at every practice. The venue for the Academy is the Garrison Gymnasium. At present it is being refurbished in order to offer all its members the adequate facilities providing the optimum enjoyment of basketball and at the same time enhancing human kinetics.

We will be targeting to recruit up to 100 members. It is our intention to increase the number of participants pending on both the recruitment and adequate teaching of additional Monitors/Coaches. Once we have the desired man power we will be able to increase the participating numbers on the following categories; Micro Basketball (born 2001 - 2002), Pre Mini Basket (born 1999 -2000), Mini Basket (born 1997-1998) and Passerelle.(born 1995-1996).

The Gibraltar Amateur Basketball Association nominated us to participate in FECC (FIBA Europe Coaching Certificate), a three year course which started in 2007. We fervently desire that our participation will have a beneficial spin-off effect in the development of basketball in Gibraltar. Brainstorming sessions with both the lecturers and participants at the second FECC clinic in Greece this past summers created the idea of setting up the idea of the Academy. Many ideas conceived at the sessions will now be implemented in the fields of philosophy, methodolog and routine.

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