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Darts: Winners versus best of the rest

To conclude last years pending competition of the season the league winners were matched against the best of the rest from each league.

The Cannon Bar (Division 2) winners played a selection of 7 players:

Cannon Bar
Best of the Rest
Ayoub Benamon (1) vs (2) Alfred King
Morris OcaƱa (2) vs (0) Darren Olivero
Sean Kenyon (2) vs (0) Jonah Jones
Mercedes Santos (0) vs (2) Johnny Remorino
Marcus Cannon (2) vs (0) Francis Remorino
Lloyd Avellano (2) vs (1) Charlie Bolastero
Garry Berini (0) vs (2) Alan Kimberly

Last year's division 2 winners, The Cannon Bar, secured there win on the 6th game to take this year’s trophy.

The 1st Division line up as shown below, included in the best of the rest: 3 of the youth players, a few players from runners up in division 1 and various other players.

College Cosmos Club
Best of the Rest
Justin Stagno (3) vs (1) Nigel Segui
Danny Peach (3) vs (1) Jeremy Cruz
Joseph Sanchez (0) vs (3) Stefan Federico
Karl Mena (1) vs (3) George Ramos
Justin Broton (3) vs (1) Manolo Asquez
Henry Zapata (0) vs (3) Francis Taylor
A Bosano (1) vs (3) Jadria Pecino
Dylan Duo (0) vs (3) George Federico
William Duo (0) vs (3) Angel Debono

It appeared to be a fair draw and an exiting all the way event in the 1st division section however due to unexpected events on the night the last games where not played thus giving the Best of The Rest selection squad an overall win of 4-3 in there favour and a 6-3 win in total.
A photo was also not possible as several players had to leave early and the opportunity was missed.

All in all a great night, especially by the 2nd division section who appeared to have thoroughly enjoyed their games.

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