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Bowling: Gibraltarians to be represented in the 42nd QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup, Venezuela

The 42nd Bowling World Cup will be held in Caracas, Venezuela, between 4th and 10th November 2006.

Gibraltarin representatives: Graham Coles and Julie Jackson will be participating in the 42nd AMF World cup to be held in Caracas Venezuela between the 3rd and 12th November 2006. They will be accompanied by John Honeyman as Manager.
More to follow shortly.

The Deputy Minister for Sport and President of the Venezuelan Instituto National de Deportives, Pro. Eduardo Alvarez Camacho, gave the event the full backing of the government when he signed the contract. President Hugo Chavez has also promised his personal support.

The bowling itself will take place in the 40-lane centre at Mampote, a short drive outside the main city. This was the venue for the FIQ World Championships in 1983. It will be fully refurbished with the latest QubicaAMF equipment, well in advance of the tournament.

Anne-Marie Board, QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup Manager, commented: "We are so pleased to be returning to Caracas after 32 years. We are also happy to give our support to President Chavez’s policy of furthering education, health and participation in sport. "

"The centre itself has magnificent facilities, including wonderful spectator viewing, and the organising committee is already hard at work. I am sure that the 42nd QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup in Caracas will continue our great tradition and enhance the reputation of the event as the best annual tournament in the world."

QubicaAMF Worldwide is the founder, organiser and principal sponsor of the Bowling World Cup. Additional information on the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup, including archives and bulletins for this year’s tournament, can be found on just follow the link.

QubicaAMF Worldwide is one of the largest bowling products companies in the world. With worldwide headquarters near Richmond, Virginia and European headquarters in Bologna, Italy, the company manufactures a complete line of high-quality, innovative solutions for new and existing bowling and entertainment centers. Additional information about QubicaAMF Worldwide is available on the web at

Professor Eduardo Alvarez Camacho, Deputy Minister for Sport, and Anne-Marie Board (both seated) sign the contract to bring the 42nd QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup to Caracas, Venezuela, watched by (left to right) Marcelo Dhers of Pin 1 Bowling Supply, Victor Vargas, Mike Mujares, Ingellimar Contreras and Cesar Alban (all from the Instituto National de Deportes) and Bernard Gibbons, Tournament Director. Ingellimar is chairman of the organising committee and herself represented Venezuela in the Bowling World Cup in Lisbon in 2000.

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