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Darts: Gibraltar National Day Tournament results

The Gibraltar National Day Tournament sponsored by Kronenberg 1664 took place at the College Cosmos Social Club (this being one of the top tournaments in Gibraltar darts).

There was a good turn up of players with 30+ players registering on the night.

Top players hadn’t lost their sparks from last year after a good summer break. This shows the dedication players are giving to the game.

Right from the start of the tournament, names such as Dylan Duo and Francis Taylor stood out for the quality of darts both where throwing in their games. However others too from the outset such as Eric Segui, Angel Debono and Henry Zapata were going to make it a good battle if they were going to be defeated by the big guns this time.

After several great games played by a couple of players, we had the semi-final line-up. The first game was played by Angel Debono and Henry Zapata, which finished with a score of 3-1 in favour of Henry (after a great battle Henry showed his form with very sharp finishing).

Dylan Duo and Francis Taylor played the second semi-final. This game after 4 superb legs of darts and the score been tied at 2-2 was then decided in the last leg. Here is where Dylan proved to everyone present at the time why he is the rank No.1 in Gibraltar, he played a 12 darts leg finishing the game with a 156 finish (T20, T20, D18) giving Dylan the game and a place in the final joining Henry.

The final saw the game between two training partners, this meaning they could each use their opponents weaknesses against each other. It was a very exciting final to watch as very good darts was being thrown by both players (including a 180 by Henry). After 5 legs of great darts the game won by Henry 3-2.


1 x Eric Segui, 1 x Henry Zapata, 1 x Alfred King

Highest Finishers

156 Dylan Duo (T20, T20, D18)

Best games of first round:

N.Cumbo 1 vs G.Ramos 3
J.Jones 0 vs H.Zapata 3
J.Stagno 1 vs A.Debono 3
J.Chipol 0 vs E.Segui
T.Olivero 0 vs D.Duo 3
A.King 3 vs D.Peach 2
G.Cameron 1 vs W.Duo 3

Last 16:

G.Ramos 3 vs R.Fawden 2
A.Kimberly 1 vs H.Zapata 3
A.Debono 3 vs K.Mena 2
J.Broton 0 vs E.Segui 3
D.Duo 3 vs J.Pecino 0
D.Emery 0 vs A.King 3
W.Duo 3 vs M.Azquez
T.Pilkington 0 vs F.Taylor 3

Quarter- Finals

G.Ramos 0 vs H.Zapata 3
A.Debono 3 vs E.Segui 0
D.Duo 3 vs A.King 2
W.Duo 2 vs F.Taylor 3


H.Zapata 3 vs A.Debono 1
D.Duo 3 vs F.Taylor 2


D.Duo 2 vs H.Zapata 3

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