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Gibraltar's young rugby stars get their first outings of 2008

For some the season has started for others a warm up game was the order of the day.

The Ibex under 13s started the day and what a day it was, we were hopeful that our young boys would show the way however they were overpowered by some good Marbella play, we entered two teams into this friendly match and both teams failed to realize there potential, as is always the case our boys who train and play so hard lose sight of the fact of how good they are, Craig and Patrick also new to coaching, learned how different training and playing are and it was a learning curve day for all, and boy did we learn, however what did show through is that both coaches are committed and the boys back them and themselves 100 per cent and it wont be long before we start seeing some seriously good rugby from these young boys, but to give Marbella credit they out classed us at this level at the weekend and we look forward to returning the compliment which we have confidence our boys will do.

On a major positive side our boys tackled well, and finally realized what they could do and showed Marbella they aren’t just making up numbers, as always we choose a man of the match, and two boys led by example and team A was Killian, while Dylan, captain of team B showed why he had been chosen by leading from the front.

All Sports Bar Gibraltar Dragons under 15s where up next how did they start
There opening five minutes where awesome, but lack of experience, the new ELVs and
Other influences meant the guys struggled, but never shirked, we have moved on so much since last year and it showed, the one thing we struggle on which was so evident was space. All sports Bar under 15s train and play in an area 12 mts by 30 mts a rugby pitch is 70 X 100 and Marbella used very part of it yet our boys never lost sight of them an awesome achievement. They scored two tries and nearly scored more, our defence held out. We look beaten and defeated then we fought back and did we fight back, awesome tackling from 1 to 12 with pieces of brilliance from some who encouraged the rest, faults there where many, basic things to work on and remedy, but as a guy who has played rugby, watched rugby and been part of rugby for various teams at Marbella for over ten years, I have never felt the hairs on my neck rise so much as when we scored our first try. Scott Alexander picked the ball up and ran to score a try and the under 13s, under 17s and parents erupted, I have never seen that before and it filled me with pride and the support from the guys lifted the under 15s to score again with a try from Nicky Bourne and a fine conversion by Daniel Carey who narrowly missed the first. Final score was 12-12 and what a day and what made it so special was the way the boys were cheered by there own club mates who lifted weary bodies to play so well.

As always we pick a man of the Match and as always it’s a difficult task with many boys being eligible but this weekend the accolade goes to Scott Alexander for some fine play.

Next came the first league match for the VOLKER STEVIN UNDER 17S.
A team formed by the boys themselves that we have the pleasure of training and again the boys showed they weren’t there to make numbers. Hard tackling made Marbella think twice when running lines. However again indiscipline, naivety and the new ELVs and other factors caused frustration with the captain Philip Reyes being red carded early in the game leaving our boys a man short, but the rest of the guys stepped up.
It was a hard fought game with no quarter asked or given and a game we showed we are coming of age as a rugby club, Marbella scored, pressurized tried to cower, but we stood tall and a wonderful run away try by Jonathan Smith put us on the scoreboard, the final score was 24-5 to Marbella but they will be more disappointed than us because they expected to walk all over VOLKER STEVINS under 15s and they didn’t and when guys step up like ours, the future looks brilliant, with a man of the match performance by Adam Golt giving a good days rugby for Gibraltar Dragons.

This weekend saw the second game for
VOLKER STEVINS Gibraltar Dragons under 17s and
ALL SPORTS BAR Gibraltar Dragons under 15s
with their first home game at Guadiaro against CR Malaga on saturday 15th Nov
Follow their scores on our Rugby Results/Standings section on the right.

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