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Hockey: Lille Metropoloe and Dinamo Sumchanka promoted in European Cup Winners Cup Trophy held in Gibraltar over the Easter break

The final day of the Women's Cup Winners Cup Trophy was held today in Gibraltar. (click on images to enlarge)

The two teams promoted were the Ukranian team Dinamo Sumchanka and the French team, Lille Metropole, who yesterday struggled to beat the Gibraltarian side Eagles.

The final games were close encounters, with scores of 4-3 for the Ukrainians and 4-2 for the French. The latter of the games was played in some very humid conditions. Both teams however, gave it their all and worked hard to try and push their side to the coveted promotion to the B Division.

After the French game an award ceremony was held, where the Minister for sport attended along with some of the Senior EHF officials.

The tournament was heralded by all as a great event and all those involved in the preparation and running of the event were thanked, from the ball boys to the ground staff. A big thank you should go to all of the Eagles organisers and players who made the event such a success. They are true amabassdors for Gibraltar. Thank you.

Final Standings of the competition:

Monday 9 April 2007
10.05 4A v 3B Eagles HC v HC Olten 0-3 (0-0)
12.30 2A v 1B Royal Antwerp v Dinamo Sumchanka 3-4 2-2 (1-1)
15.00 1A v 2B Lille MHC v Meteor Ceske Budejovice 4-2 (3-1)

Final Ranking:
1. Dinamo Sumchanka (UKR) Ukraine promoted to Cup Winners Cup 2008
1. Lille MHC (FRA) France promoted to Cup Winners Cup 2008
3. Royal Antwerp (BEL)
3. Meteor Ceske Budejovice (CZE)
5. Vympel Korolev (RUS)
5. HC Olten (SUI)
7. Eagles HC (GIB) Gibraltar relegated to Cup Winners Challenge 2008Final awards ceremony held on the 9th April 2007

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